Tiny Hedgehog

Update: Congrats to our caption contest winners! Also, the tiny hedgehog pattern is now available as a PDF download and as a kit!


It’s day three of our week of caption contests, and that means we’re just one day away from new tiny patterns!

Today this tiny hedgehog needs a caption, one that sums up what it means to be a tiny hedgehog in a way that is both adorable and profound. Or you can win us over with anything that rhymes with “hedgehog.”

Our favorite hedgehog caption (along with our favorite owl and fox captions) will be announced tomorrow, and the author will receive the new patterns for free!

As always, please keep your captions to one per person per post.

37 thoughts on “Tiny Hedgehog

  1. Hedgehog rhymes with swampdog! My dog’s nickname because she rolls in everything that smells, preferably mud. And she loves hedgehogs.

  2. Day 32 of secretly integrating myself into pinecone society, and the they’ve yet to become suspicious.

  3. Tiny hedgie, he’s so cute! He roams around looking for loot. His hedgie friends like to eat bugs, but he is more interested in eating delicious fruit!

  4. Picklepuss! (I can’t help it. That’s the word that came to mind when I saw this tiny hedgehog.)

  5. Don’t underestimate Tiny Hedgehog’s size. Even though she might not have the pricks, she sure can disappear in just a few winks!

  6. Prickles the hedgehog was a curious creature
    He peeked in the grass at every feature
    He looked and he sniffed at a huge pine cone
    And wondered if this was a breeeding zone.
    A hedgehog maternity log??

  7. “You’re even more beautiful than I ever dreamed…”

    Thus begins the meeting of two kindred spirits that sets off an epic fairytale wherein our bumbling hero, Sir Prickles, goes on many chivalric adventures to rescue his lady love, Mademoiselle Pomme de Pin, from the evil yet chubby clutches of the terrible Toddler….

  8. Susan the Tiny Brown Hedgehog,
    Lived in a sunny but wet bog,
    For dinner she ate pinecones,
    She didn’t mind though,
    For they made her quite the happy hedgehog.

  9. Having escaped the fiery fox, Hedgy and Hoggy get to work on improving their pine cone impressions. Hoggy’s is most convincing….

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