Tiny Fox

Update: Congrats to our caption contest winners! Also, the tiny fox pattern is now available as a PDF download and as a kit!


The new tiny pattern collection is now just two days away! Thank you for all the tiny owl captions yesterday—we got so many more than I had expected.

Today I challenge you to caption the next creature in the collection, a tiny fox! Like with yesterday’s caption, John and I will choose a winner on Thursday, and that person will receive a free copy of the new patterns. (And again, please keep your captions to one per person per post.)

46 thoughts on “Tiny Fox

  1. what does the hook say? foxy foxy foxy whee… foxy foxy foxy me.

    oh. is this knit? sigh. i should win anyway.

  2. There once was a spiffy wee fox,
    Who took pride in his vermilion locks.
    He ran this way and that
    To avoid becoming a hat;
    Oh that sneakily stylish li’l fox!

  3. Everyone accused Tiny Fox of being sly, but she wasn’t trying to be sneaky; she was just too little to be noticed.

  4. The hedgehogs had gathered together in attempt to disguise themselves as pine cones to fool the fiery fox…

  5. A fox without socks…
    how can that be?
    A fox without socks is naked you see.
    So who is gonna knit me and some socks too?
    Cause if you do I’ll always love you.

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