Tiny Parrot (caption contest!)

This tiny parrot thinks we’re overdue for a caption contest!


Since parrots are better known for their talking than for their thinking, tell us what this tiny parrot’s catchphrase is. Leave your chatty caption in the comments (one per person please) and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday to win…

A Tiny Penguin Kit!


41 thoughts on “Tiny Parrot (caption contest!)

  1. A cracker a day keeps the doctor away.
    Because if you throw it at him, he’ll probably run away!

  2. Ha, it didn’t even occur to me that the prize should be the pirate kit! Well it can be whichever the winner prefers.

  3. If I can stealth-fly off this giant’s finger, I’m heading for the giant peppermint candy over there for a tasty treat!

  4. tiny parrot says…
    “get on my pirates boat and we can cast away,
    we can cross the seven stitches,
    go over the wurly purly waves,
    we can go row after row to keep the boat moving,
    when we finish the row and reach the shore you can bind off the plank and I can flutter my tiny wings and fly away!”

  5. In my best parrot voice:
    “Knit purl, purl knit, that’s how you work Kitchener stitch”

  6. All this tiny parrot does is squawk about how he would rather have been knit with Eco-friendly yarn. Little does he know, his red feathers come from recycled material.

  7. Locked up in my parrot cage I scream and squawk with rage,
    I want to sail the ocean blue and have my parrot dreams come true!
    And now that I’m old and gray I can Rember in my special way, the day I crossed the ocean blue and made my special dream come true!

  8. It is no more
    It has ceased to be
    It is bereft of life
    It rests in peace
    Its metabolic processes are a matter of interest only to historians!

  9. Tiny parrot wanted to play
    With all the other birds today.

    But he’s so small, he got so freaked,
    He sat on a branch and squeaked and squeaked.

    The wails of tiny parrot would not end,
    ‘Till you knitted him a Tiny parrot friend!

    Now they play in the sun together,
    And sit and knit in rainy weather.

    (Please note that I am a different Sarah than any other Sarah’s that have commented.)

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