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Tiny Dr. Who

My friend Christi is getting married tomorrow! She’s one of those cool brides, so of course she requested a tiny Dr. Who set as a wedding gift. Now that I know she’s opened it, I can show them here…


I’m embarrassed to say that I have yet to watch any Dr. Who, so I had to take to Twitter to find out who Rose is and what her Doctor should look like. Fortunately the Dr. Who groupies really came through for me! I’ve also been flattered to get some pattern requests, but I’ll have to think about this one since I don’t normally make patterns for existing characters. But I can say that they were relatively simple modifications of the other tiny people that I’ve designed.

Best wishes to Christi and her husband-to-be Bobby!

Tiny Squirrel

UPDATE: We had so many great Tiny Squirrel captions that we picked three winners!

The requests have been coming in for years, and here he finally is: Tiny Squirrel!


What kind of squirrelly behavior does a tiny squirrel get up to in Mochimochi Land? Leave your caption in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite one on Monday. The winner will get the soon-to-be-released Tiny Fall patterns for free! (And yes, Tiny Squirrel is included!)

Tiny Turtle

Winning caption by Debbie:

Tiny’s favorite game is Jenga. Slow and steady is definitely the key to winning, but if he happens to fail he is protected from the avalanche of blocks by his handsome shell!


Tiny Turtle knows that slow and steady wins the game. But what is his favorite game to play?

Let us know what Tiny Turtle’s game of choice is in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite answer on Monday, August 20th. The winner will get the new Tiny People pattern collection!


Tiny Sumo Wrestler

Update: The matchup is Sumo v Sushi, as suggested by Linda! Check out the animation!

I’ve been knitting lots of really big stuff lately, but sadly I can’t share any of it here yet! Top-secret knitting stuff. But between my epic projects this week, I made time to knit a tiny version of something big: Tiny Sumo Wrestler!


Now, I could make another sumo wrestler for this guy to fight, but I think it would be fun to see him in a match against another tiny mochi. Who should his opponent be? Leave a suggestion in the comments! If I use yours, I’ll mail this off to you:


Why a Little Twin Stars Re-ment set? Because it’s a hint at the new pattern that I’m releasing next week!

Tiny Balloons

Update: See the two winning poems here!

I’ve had balloons on the brain all week! I think it has something to do with the hot weather we’ve had recently. After taking my new obsession to Pinterest for a few days, I decided to make my own version.


A little handful of happiness!

Let’s have a tiny balloon caption contest, shall we? There’s something poetic about balloons, so I want to hear your tiny balloon poems in the comments (one comment per person please). I’ll pick my favorite on Monday, and the winner will get….

The PDF pattern for Jumbo Gnome!


OK, show us what rhymes with “balloon!”


Don’t you hate it when you’re a zombie, and you know your arm isn’t so securely attached to your body but you go ahead and do some jumping jacks anyway?


I hate that too.

Tiny Dung Beetle

Winning caption by Tracy:
Tiny dung beetle is color blind, he just wants to make a snowman.

And now for something completely different… a tiny dung beetle!


I’ve never met one in person, but I imagine they’re a pretty down-to-earth bunch.


Let’s have a tiny dung beetle caption contest! Leave your caption for this little guy in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday. The winner will get the Tiny Fantasy Patterns!


(Bonus points if your caption is both funny AND tasteful!)