Tiny Turtle

Winning caption by Debbie:

Tiny’s favorite game is Jenga. Slow and steady is definitely the key to winning, but if he happens to fail he is protected from the avalanche of blocks by his handsome shell!


Tiny Turtle knows that slow and steady wins the game. But what is his favorite game to play?

Let us know what Tiny Turtle’s game of choice is in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite answer on Monday, August 20th. The winner will get the new Tiny People pattern collection!


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  1. I don’t care about winning the patterns, I’m just so thrilled that you finally made a tiny Turtle!!! This is the best day of my life!!!

  2. When not spreading Salmonella, tiny turtle has always had a dream to be apart of the US Hockey team. Doing what you ask? Why, being the puck!

  3. Twister! Ever since he was a babe, rushing towards the ocean with his siblings, and got entangled with two others, the game has been on! So far, he’s winning 5/6 games, but he’s bound and determined to be the champion.

  4. Freeze Tag! Maybe the game WOULD be better if he didn’t play with his neighbors the Cheetahs! :-)

  5. In games of turtle vs. tortoise turtle ball, tiny turtle wishes that their cousins weren’t such brats.

  6. Tiny Turtle prefers the game of Life(classic board game) where proceeding slowly and steadily (with good plans)means you could be the winner!

  7. Sarah K.:

    Tiny Turtle dreams of someday competing and winning the Turtle Hurdles.

    Although really like this one, by Sarah K., I do have one of my own. He does turtlomastics (like gymnastics), of course! Shells are key in winning this game! The shell helps him roll in balance beam, uneven bars, and floor, and also helps protect him when on the trampoline. Vault is hard though, his great grand daddy was the Turtle in the Turtle and the hair, and he inherited the slowness, so he can’t get enough speed, but he sure is good when in the air!

  8. I am so beyond thrilled that there is a Mochimochi turtle. We really like turtles in our house.

    Turtle would like you to know that in the original draft of “Alice in Wonderland,” they were playing croquet with turtles, not hedgehogs. It was an error in the printing that cost turtle his moment in the lime light.

  9. Tiny turtle? So cute!
    Tiny Turtle’s favorite game is skeleton, he especially likes when he goes down only on his shell.

  10. Tiny Turtle loves to play Risk, since he is slowly and steadily calculating each move with care.

  11. Tiny Turtle’s favorite sport is one-man luge. He provides his own sled by sliding down the ice course belly-up and tail-first on his shell.

  12. Tiny Turtle loves to play peek a boo! He peeks out from under his shell shyly., I see Robin just posted this above me, but I just wanted to chime in that I thought of this one too!

  13. Tiny Turtle looks like a master Monopoly player to me… See that determination is his tiny little eyes? He’s a fierce competitor and a mean negotiator!

  14. Tiny turtle loves to play the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video games series! Although he loves to sit there and beat some baddies, he’s actually really jealous and wishes one day, he could be one of them.

  15. Tiny Turtle loves to poke along on the tightrope – slow and steady is exactly what is needed for a successful tightrope walker.

  16. Tiny Turtle (or Tortuga as he is also known by ) loves to play soccer…where he runs as fast as a turtle can run!

  17. Tiny Turtle dreams of being in the Olympics in swimming, but so far they only accept humans. His dolphin friends are sad too, because they know they could beat Phelps.

  18. Turtles and ladders! It’s more friendly than snakes and ladders and you don’t slide down as far when you land on a turtle!

  19. Tiny’s favorite game is Jenga. Slow and steady is definitely the key to winning, but if he happens to fail he is protected from the avalanche of blocks by his handsome shell!

  20. He used to like Trouble until the other players started trying to *pop* on his shell to roll the dice. Now he makes them play Sorry!

  21. As someone who values taking their time, I think Tiny Turtle would enjoy the many charms of Snail’s Pace Race. (aka the only children’s board game that my grandma ever had at her house)

  22. I think Tiny Turtle would love to play a nice game of “Walk Around the Tree”. I bet he would love excercising his leg muscles while doing simple task of walking!

  23. Tiny turtle LOVES knitting contests! and to train he lifts his homemade weights!! (grapes stuck on toothpicks)

  24. He doesn’t like participating in games, he profers photographing them, so he has become a snapping turtle

  25. Tiny Turtle and his friends like to get together and pretend they are the curling stones in a game of curling.

  26. Tiny turtle likes synchronised swimming upside down floating on his shell…..with 15 turtly mates,you should see their darling little swim caps!!

  27. Hasol:

    Freeze Tag! Maybe the game WOULD be better if he didn’t play with his neighbors the Cheetahs! :-)

    Hasol that is so cute! This is the BEST so far!

  28. Turtles favorite game is tag but he only likes to play with the tiny zombies, because he knows he’s faster then them!

  29. Though he says slow and steady wins the game, Tiny Turtle secretly wishes for speed. That’s why he loves playing MarioKart on the Wii!

  30. Tiny Turtle loves the shell game, naturally. It’s like he’s a natural at it! ;)

  31. Tiny Turtle likes to play games that don’t require much action on his part — just a good dose of “slow and steady” turtle brainpower…. His favorite one of these games is coming up with captions for Mochimochi Land caption contests!

    He just can’t seem to come up with a good one for himself, though…. Hmmmm….

  32. Swimming the turtle paddle, although he always ends up Turtling instead of staying upright!

  33. Truth or dare,
    Gives him a scare,
    As he would end up being spunned.

    Dress up game,
    To him is lame,
    As clothes makes him look rotund.

    A quiet game of Sudoku,
    Keeps him glued,
    To his chair.
    Even when there’s chaos,
    Or despair,
    He couldn’t care,
    As it is too much fun!

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