Gnome No Evil


Lately I’ve been pretty swamped with new design work—exciting stuff, but sadly top-secret. When I’m not designing, I’ve also been taking cute photos like this one! I’m trying to slowly build a portfolio of images that could be postcards or other things like that. The gnomes are my favorite models, of course!

12 thoughts on “Gnome No Evil

  1. The gnomes are so cute and I would so buy lots of mochimochi postcards, you have to make this postcard thing real!

  2. The picture is cute! I wish that you could tell us what it is. My bets are on a book or a show, but I always seem to be wrong.

  3. Notecards! More peoPle buy greeting cards than postcards, don’t they? I’d buy a bunch.

  4. So that’s “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, where’s my hat.”:D

    Tiny knits with captions would make great postcards. Although I guess people would also want to make their own captions. :think: Love your work as always.

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