Tiny Sumo Wrestler

Update: The matchup is Sumo v Sushi, as suggested by Linda! Check out the animation!

I’ve been knitting lots of really big stuff lately, but sadly I can’t share any of it here yet! Top-secret knitting stuff. But between my epic projects this week, I made time to knit a tiny version of something big: Tiny Sumo Wrestler!


Now, I could make another sumo wrestler for this guy to fight, but I think it would be fun to see him in a match against another tiny mochi. Who should his opponent be? Leave a suggestion in the comments! If I use yours, I’ll mail this off to you:


Why a Little Twin Stars Re-ment set? Because it’s a hint at the new pattern that I’m releasing next week!

85 thoughts on “Tiny Sumo Wrestler

  1. I’m sure the tiny hot dogs & hamburgers would be a distraction for the Sumo. They’d have to sacrifice some of their ranks, but it would be a sure victory in the end.

  2. Tiny Sushi!!!!! It would be more of a run down of Tiny Sumo trying to catch Tiny Sushi. :)

  3. I think one mochi wouldn’t be enough for him. I say a tiny zombie and a tiny yeti band together to take this sumo wrestler down!

  4. Its gotta be the Panda…..he’ll know kung-fu, and can give cuddly bear hugs after the fight to make-up :o)

  5. Zombie. Oh wait! Ninjas sumo wrestler zombie. With nunchicks. Even though he doesn’t have his oldflexibility hes more bend than this fatty!

  6. I’m going for Butterfull… He may be a much larger opponent, but Tiny Sumo Wrestler is up for a challenge!

  7. My first thought was a tiny ninja, but then I thought the snowmen might have a better chance and failing that, Tiny Fairy on her Unicorn!

  8. I’d say either the tiny bowling ball, but with many, because I’d say that big bellied giant probably is a tad clumsy, so if they aim just right, they can get him down. The tiny Yeti would also be a good choice, ’cause he IS a monster!

  9. * just wanted to add that I imagined Santa in his summer attire aka speedos and sunglasses (:

  10. My daughter has a suggestion, she says ninja robot. I would like to see sumo vs narwhal. ;)

  11. I think we’ve all got it wrong. Tiny Sumo wrestler doesn’t want to fight against any other tiny Mochimochi. That’s why I’d pair him with tiny bunnies because they’ll be best friends.. I think he’s a gentle giant.

  12. I think that that pattern is a slice of cake. You have been talking about that on Twitter, plus I see a cake on that package.

  13. Make a tiny Godzilla! It could be like king long and Godzilla but with a sumo wrestler instead! Rrraaaaaah!

  14. Tiny sumo wrestler vs. Those monster slippers in your first book! I think you could guess who would win.

  15. I think a ninjabun would be so funny! Tiny sumo wrestler would get so confused because the little bunny would keep popping up in each hole and making tiny sumo wrestler spin around in circles!

  16. Oh! It has to be a tiny mochi! Okay, instead of ninjabun, I would pick tiny clown, he would probably get his squirt flower, and squirt at Tiny sumo wrestler, he’ll probably annoyed….

  17. Tiny bride, of course. The only thing scarier than a very big sumo wrestler is a very small Bridezilla.

  18. I suggest a snowman. Tiny sumo hasn’t a chance against ice since he’s nearly naked. He’ll freeze his bellybutton off.

  19. I vote for Sumo vs. Yeti. They are about the same size, so the fight would be fair. Only problem is where do they fight? Tiny Sumo is shirtless, and Tiny Yeti is a snow creature.

  20. There’s a rumor Tiny Beet can’t be ‘beet’! Could Tiny Sumo Wrestler do it?

  21. Tiny Sumo Wrestler VS. A Grain Of Rice

    Oh and Anna, when will you choose the winner?

  22. An angry bride! After the sumo wrestler has eaten all the wedding cake! She could pull some ninja moves on him! Best wedding party ever! Sumo vs. Bride

  23. Tiny sumo should fight a tiny chef! Although, the chef might cheat by using bread knives and egg whiskers (which are violet when they come in contact with hair!) or might just bribe him with food…

  24. a donut, definitely! there’s no biting in sumo, so how can he possibly win? it’ll end with a big hug, frosting and sprinkles everywhere.

  25. Tiny toothpaste would make a formidable opponent–the more you squeeze, the more toothpaste squirts out! And you can never put it back in! That’s enough to terrify tiny sumo wrestler…or at least boggle his tiny brain a bit.

  26. I think tiny sumo should challenge tiny gnome but the tables turn when tiny gnome calls over his friend jumbo gnome :)

  27. Tiny sumo wrestler should fight tiny pirate, because they are nth big and tough.

  28. I think it would be just utterly amazing to have him fight against a tiny snail. That would just be beautiful.

  29. I think that he should fight a firecracker or a hamburger. He could also fight a monster that just eats EVERYTHING I think that would be awesome

  30. Tiny Sumo Wrestler should face off against… duhn duhn duuuuh… TINY LOLLIPOP! That little sticky, sugary hard candy could prove to be too much for his already overstuffed belly. [Not to mention that Tiny Sumo Wrestler is also highly allergic to red and purple food dyes…]

  31. In this ring opponent number 1 Sumo! (cheering)
    In the other ring opponent number 2 chicken(booooing)
    And the sumo is moving toward the chicken and oooooh SQUAK so sorry folks the chicken just turned chicken!

  32. I think a lion and jumbo gnome together.
    or hugs+squoze (the big red) with gunshy
    or gobbledeyghost with campy fire. to scare him!

  33. the siren’s song could lure this lady’s man into the depths, where her hordes of killer seahorses (searated tails) would suffocate him. Die in the water, your worst enemy. It’s so… Healthy. Why not donut mermaids???

    For a less violent approach, how about he gets gills and they live happily ever after and have aqua babies?

    Or an alien would blow his mind with epic technology…

    Robot is another one. Dance competition. He says he’s an impersonator… Then kicks sumo’s butt with epic robot moves! and no clumsy!

  34. Maybe a Teeny Tiny Ball of Yarn! That way, the yarn could transform into a bunch of Tiny Sum Wrestlers and defeat it! ;)

  35. I’d say the octopus or the Tiny Yeti. Both have been said, but…. I’m putting my two cents in! :D

  36. Once upon a time,
    a teeny tiny rhyme was sated,
    That a teeny dragon mated,
    And then a sumo came along,
    And said this ugly song.
    “the teeny tiny dragon mated a molting parakeet,
    With very dirghty feet. and when she got her feathers back he gave him self a very bad wack and said I marred a ugly duckling!

  37. Once upon a time,
    a teeny tiny rhyme was sated,
    That a teeny dragon mated,
    And then a sumo came along,
    And said this ugly song.
    “the teeny tiny dragon mated a molting parakeet,
    With very dirghty feet. and when she got her feathers back he gave him self a very bad wack and said I marred a ugly duckling!”
    The dragon said “you cut it out!” and that dear friends is how the trouble started with that little song

  38. I think it should be Santa and it would be really funny while Santa and him wrestle teehee!

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