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June is the big month for flowers and rings and adorable wedding things! It melts my heart a little bit when I hear about people using Mochimochi designs to make special wedding gifts and favors. Here are a few recent brides and grooms from the Flickr group!

Goblinqueen10 made an entire Mochi-fied wedding party for her sister’s big day. I especially like the salt-and-pepper hair of the father of the bride!


gnomadknitter recently revisited the Las Vegas chapel where she was married 11 years ago, and brought along knitted versions of the happy couple for a photo op. So sweet!


Sarahknits knitted a blue-eyed pair of lovebirds this month…


And pbjam421 made her friends a plant-and-fiber gift for their botanic garden wedding!


Many happy wishes to everyone who is celebrating a wedding or anniversary this month!

The patterns for the Tiny Bride and Groom can be found in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi.

9 thoughts on “K2tog Forever

  1. Anna! Thanks for this post! My best friend is getting married in September and as soon as I got my copy of Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi a few months ago, I flagged the bride and groom to make for her. Her theme/color scheme is peacock. Any suggestions on what teeny tiny mochi I could modify to be a peacock so that I could make the bride, groom and a peacock for the big day? Maybe the chicken?

  2. Lisa – “peacock” is such a great theme for a wedding! I think starting with the tiny chicken would be a good way to make a peacock – for the body it would just be a matter of picking the right colors. The fan might be a bit more tricky… maybe you could use different-colored I-cords stitched together? That’s just the first thought that comes to me.

    Good luck! Hope to see your results!

  3. I love this pattern! I made a couple for a friend that’s getting married this year. I’ll probably make a few more just because they’re cute.

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