Tiny Squirrel

UPDATE: We had so many great Tiny Squirrel captions that we picked three winners!

The requests have been coming in for years, and here he finally is: Tiny Squirrel!


What kind of squirrelly behavior does a tiny squirrel get up to in Mochimochi Land? Leave your caption in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite one on Monday. The winner will get the soon-to-be-released Tiny Fall patterns for free! (And yes, Tiny Squirrel is included!)

82 thoughts on “Tiny Squirrel

  1. Tiny squirrel is too busy trying to figure out the tiny birdfeeder to store up nuts for the winter.

  2. Yeah, yeah, I’m a tiny squirrel and I’m adorable. Now, can you PLEASE start a tiny acorn pattern? I’m starving!

  3. Tiny Squirrel is very sorry he bit the Tiny Snowman, from behind he thought it was a white peanut…

  4. Tiny Squirrel likes to grab some of his tiny squirrel friends, so they can go jump into Jumbo Gnome’s beard and mess it up!

  5. Sherlock Squirrel

    Sherlock the Squirrel
    No stranger to peril
    Was a detective with rodent-sized guts
    His greatest case of all
    Was opened one fall
    When somebody stole Sherlock’s nuts

    If he had been human
    He’d feel half a man
    Without the nuts that he’d gathered
    He didn’t care about leaves
    He didn’t care about berries
    It was only his acorns that mattered

    Every animal and insect
    In his woodland district
    Was quizzed by the fluffy grey sleuth
    He asked critters, plenty
    Still his nut sack was empty
    There was no evidence and therefore no proof

    “A real head-scratcher
    But I will find and catch them”
    He said removing his hat
    Then on the answer he stumbled
    Off his head the nuts tumbled
    “My goodness, so that’s where they’re at!”

  6. I asked my partner for a witty comment as he is often sprouting humorous comments. However on this occasion the best he could come up with was a typical “man” comment: ‘Tiny Squirrel has tiny nuts’…

  7. TIny Knitted Squirrel bravely crosses Tiny Knitted Roads filled with Tiny Knitted Cars that no Tiny Knitted Squirrel has ever crossed without becoming Tiny Knitted Roadkill!

  8. Hippity-hop from twig to twig,
    Tiny Squirrel feels oh-so-big.

    He will jump onto your head,
    Hair to pull and fur to shed.

    He puffs up his itty-bitty chest,
    This guy thinks he is the best!

  9. Five Little Squirrels~

    Five little squirrels sitting in a tree
    The first one said “It’s getting cold for me!”
    The second one said “The leaves are falling to the ground.”
    The third one said “There are nuts to be found.”
    The fourth one said “We’d better not wait.”
    The fifth one said “Fall is really great!”
    So they gathered up their nuts and stored them all over Mochimochi Land.
    So do not be surprised when you open your cookie jar and the cookies have been replace buy the squirrels winter stash;)
    (((((Hugs 4 U Have A Squirreltastic Fall ya’all!!))))Darcy/knottyknitter40
    Ravelry ID

  10. What a busy, busy squirel this lady is! Her father wrote this for her her when she was even smaller (if you can believe that!)
    Squirelly, Squirrelly Poem

    Squirrelly, squirrelly, whose fur is naturally curly,
    How does your day go?
    Gathering nuts, and fluff, and avoiding the mutts,
    While watching for her next beau!

  11. There once was a squirrel who was keen
    On tasting a raw coffee bean.
    But it was caffeinated,
    Thus he was stimulated
    And since then he’s never been seen!

  12. Tiny Squirrel is wondering why Mochimochiland trees don’t like him. (He gets on their leaves, the way he eats their acorns!)

  13. He thought about going to the grocery store to get peanut butter, but then he realized that was just nuts.

  14. Tiny squirrel might be tiny but he’s one great scientist aiming to take over the world with his ingenious nuticusflingermeewhatsit

  15. Tiny Squirrel doesn’t mind being tiny. He just wishes someone would come up with a spell that would shrink acorns!!!

  16. Tiny squirrel says, “With my brains and Sumo’s brawn, together we could take over the WORLD… of nuts that is.”

  17. Tiny Squirrel is the one who hoards all those stitch markers and tapestry needles that you thought were lost!

  18. he’d rummage through teeny tiny garbage cans for teeny tiny burgers, hunt through teeny tiny oak trees to find teeny tiny acorns, chase teeny ting cars, live in teeny tiny attics, and sit on a teeny tiny bench and feed passer by gnomes his extra acorns

  19. Tiny Squirrel used to spend most of his day running away from the Pile-Able Pups. Now he’s training with Ninjabun to be a stealthy ninja-squirrel!

  20. Tiny Squirrel and his friends have been into Farmer Gnome’s mushrooms again! Little did they know this would be the start of many great adventures through Mochimochi Land!

  21. The tiny squirrel is probably hiding all the knitting needles. At least that’s the excuse I’m going to use next time I can’t find mine!

  22. Tiny Squirrel is on his best behavior. That is until he sits and watches his favorite football on the TV blow it. That is when he throws his nuts!

  23. Hiding tiny acorns is what we love to do; we hope that we can find them all the winter through.

  24. Tiny Squirrel is searching to find his partner in crime, the Confused Moose! Not to be confused with that other duo, Rocky and Bullwinkle! ;)

  25. As an acorn sized squirrel it going to be difficult to gather nuts ready for winter :s

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