Love Your Boo

It’s late September, the weather is becoming crisp, the light’s getting softer… it’s getting to be prime Boo knitting season! Really, Boo is a project that’s good for any weather, but his favorite time of the year is definitely fall, as shown by Amanda (who won our annual photo contest with this image a few years back)…


There are now more than 800 Boos on Ravelry—wow! Here’s a small sample of just how diverse this mochimochi species is…


Left to right, top to bottom: Boos by aranyita, PurpleIrisCrafts, CrochetAmy, iamkashi, Fios, kendraja, MissSophie, minkey, sleeplessnscandia, RueDeekins, okate, ImpEmberStar

I love how dramatically different everyone’s Boos are—just by choosing a fun texture or color combination of yarn, your Boo will look like no one else’s!

And of course some knitters have come up with more elaborate pattern modifications, of which my favorite is this beautiful wing designed by Carissa Browning (aka nosmallfeet on Ravelry).


Carissa was awesome enough to share her wing mod on her Ravelry project page, but I liked it so much that I asked her permission to include it in the official Boo pattern—and she said yes! I’m excited to be able to share her mod with even more people this way (with full credit going to Carissa, of course).

Have you knitted a Boo of your own lately? Please share your Boo on Ravelry and in our Mochimochi Flickr group!

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  1. I knit 3 of them last year but because of a broken ankle I couldn’t put them up! I wanted to get a jump on things and put up my Halloween decorations on Monday. I braided 12′ of black, purple, and orange yarn and put them on it. I draped it from my banister!! Pics on Rav. My Ravelry name is JessiesGirl84.

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