Tiny Squirrel Goes Nuts

Thank you for all the tiny squirrel captions over the weekend! It was too hard to pick a favorite, so the best we could do was narrow it down to three cute ones…


From Lydia:

There once was a squirrel who was keen
On tasting a raw coffee bean.
But it was caffeinated,
Thus he was stimulated
And since then he’s never been seen!

From Starparty2000:

Tiny Squirrel is very sorry he bit the Tiny Snowman, from behind he thought it was a white peanut…

And lastly, from Johnna:

Tiny Squirrel is the one who hoards all those stitch markers and tapestry needles that you thought were lost!

Congrats to these clever caption writers, each of whom will get the upcoming Tiny Fall pattern collection for free! It’s coming to the Mochimochi Shop soon, so please stay tuned for Tiny Squirrel, Tiny Bat, and more!

6 thoughts on “Tiny Squirrel Goes Nuts

  1. Hope the wait isn’t long! :) We all love the Tiny collections! And oh…one finally with Tiny Squirrel!!!!!!

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