Book Signing at Knitty City Oct 6 + NYC Yarn Crawl

The Super-Scary events continue as Mochimochi Land’s creepiest new creatures try to take over New York City! This Saturday (October 6th) we’ll be at Knitty City.


I’ll be there from 3-5 pm with my Super-Scary display and plenty of books, so please stop by if you’re in the city! This is not a formal event, so I’m just looking forward to hanging out at one of my favorite yarn stores and chatting with knitters about knitting tiny zombies, mummy cats, and dead toasters. And even if it’s a little far for you, I still hope to see you there because this weekend is also the NYC Yarn Crawl!

The characters from Super-Scary Mochimochi are playing a key role in this year’s crawl: they have the honor of being the must-find items for the scavenger hunt.


These guys will be hiding in the 10 participating local yarn stores around the city, and it’s up to you to find them! Find out more about it all on the NYC Yarn Crawl website.

One thought on “Book Signing at Knitty City Oct 6 + NYC Yarn Crawl

  1. The scavenger hunt sounds so fun! Going around this city to find mochimochi guys, wish I could participate…!! D:

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