Tiny Dung Beetle

Winning caption by Tracy:
Tiny dung beetle is color blind, he just wants to make a snowman.

And now for something completely different… a tiny dung beetle!


I’ve never met one in person, but I imagine they’re a pretty down-to-earth bunch.


Let’s have a tiny dung beetle caption contest! Leave your caption for this little guy in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday. The winner will get the Tiny Fantasy Patterns!


(Bonus points if your caption is both funny AND tasteful!)

82 thoughts on “Tiny Dung Beetle

  1. Caption for the dung beetle: On top of the world, looking down on creation

    It’s cute, I don’t know about knitting a dung ball, though. :)

  2. Ding, dong, dung. You can sniff and I’m coming by……
    (Do you have an earworm now?)

  3. When he left the apartment for the first time, tiny dung beetle was dismayed to find that not all poo is high quality wool.

  4. Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’,
    I’m not phased by trollin’
    Keep those Dungballs rollin’
    Even though I’m yarn,
    I don’t give a darn,
    For dung I don’t wheedle!
    Wool, acrylic, cotton,
    I won’t be forgotten
    I was knit with tiny needles!

    Knit it up, roll it out!
    Roll it out, knit it up!
    Knit it up, roll it out!
    Count your stitch, marker slip,
    Marker slip, count your stitch,
    Count your stitch, marker slip,
    Tiny needle!

    Dungbeetle! Dungbeetle!

    (To the tune of “Rawhide”)

  5. He knows he’s small man on the totem pole, but still wishes he didn’t get all the crap jobs.

  6. Tiny Dung Beetle thinks that he is very lucky that he has a yarn dung ball and not real poop. He has a very sensitive nose that would probably fall of if he rolled around poo all day.

  7. On your marks, get set,
    Dung’s away…….
    Watch out or it could go Splat!!!!!

  8. Tiny dung beetle is very popular because he knows that the lady beetles much prefer high quality wool to genuine dung

  9. Tiny Dung Beetle thought that all this time he was rolling around a giant chocolate chip!

  10. “I come from a land dung under!”

    Sung in the rhythm of Men at Work – Down Under

  11. Tiny Dung Beetle wishes that Tiny Elephant had a smaller gauge, as it would make his task less Sisyphean.

  12. Tiny Dung Beetle has found a new “round-looking” best friend. The first thing he said to him was, “You smell…”

  13. Tiny Dung Beetle is predictable, and always brings the poo poo platter to the office potluck.

  14. Tiny Dung Beetle’s Mom: “Look what you did on the bed!”
    Tiny Dung Beetle: “I’m sorry but I really had to go! The washroom was to far away!”

  15. Hmmm, he’s cute but i might not make him, at least not with the dung ball, though that would just make him an overgrown cricket or rhinocerous beetle or something (hey, there’s an idea for you!)

    Caption: The other tinies don’t like ting dung beetle much, he’s a bit antisocial. Not just cause of what he carries, and not to mention his breath, but he acts really feces-ous*!


  16. You think Atlas (the greek god) had it hard? Try getting poo to roll uphill!

  17. In preparation for the upcoming bikini season, Tiny Dung Beetle started a new Pilates class. He even made his own tiny Pilates ball!!

  18. There once was a tiny dung beetle,
    Who simply flew off my needle,
    He rolled up my stash,
    And demanded my cash,
    Boy that beetle could wheedle!

  19. Sometimes dung happens, but the job goes on…..
    It might not be so pretty,
    It might not be so clean,
    But I’m thankful for the dung I have to keep me grounded and from becoming mean.

  20. Tiny Dung Beetle reflects on how you never really know how much crap you have until you have to move it all.

  21. “This finally job is dung!” said the tiny dung beetle. “It’s a dirty job, but hey somebody has to be the pooper scooper.”

  22. Tiny dung beetle has found the perfect place to keeps his treasures : in his great ball of dung!

  23. Since it is political season, for a change….Very simply – every DOG needs to come with its’ own DUNG BEETLE.
    All for starting a group to march around the city where you live and hand out DUNG BEETLES to all dog owners, please sign up.
    (Free) radicals UNITE!!!! Let the candidates talk about us; who will be pro and who will be con? Have the t.v. commentators, with cameras, show that we mean “business”. omg – who could not be for this project? Ha Ha Ha.

  24. “Tiny Milton is up to the porch steps when he hears his mother say ‘Come to dinner and wash your feet?’ “

  25. A dung beetle wanted to grow
    A vegetable garden, and so
    He pulled all the weeds
    He planted the seeds
    And mixed with the dirt his small ball!

  26. Ah to be young,
    And rolling in dung
    But I’m old and blue
    So it’s only …

  27. Tiny Dung Beetle is a dog owner’s best friend! No more smelly chores and bending down, when there’s Tiny Dung Beetle to do the job!

  28. Poor little Khepri the tiny dung beetle… In his mind he thinks he’s some sort of small god, rolling his ball of dung around every day like he’s pushing the sun across the sky……*

    * A quick explanation: Ra was the chief god of the Ancient Egyptians and his divine personality took three forms. Khepri was his most powerful form in which he took on the identity of a golden scarab beetle as he daily crossed the sky, bringing sunlight to the Ancient Egyptians.

  29. Oh sure Sisyphus, keep complaining. You only have to roll a rock. Want to trade some day?

  30. All in all it’s just another poo in the ball.
    ~from the pink Floyd song

  31. First thing that came to mind when I saw this was “A Bugs Life”

    “If we didn’t like the taste, you’d be in solder high waste.”

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