Tiny Dung Beetle is Both Color and Smell Blind

We got a ton of amusing captions over the weekend for Tiny Dung Beetle—both tasteful and not so much! After reading through many good ones, John and I decided we were particularly charmed to think that the little guy was just trying to have some wintry fun…


Tiny dung beetle is color blind, he just wants to make a snowman.

That caption comes from Tracy! That means she wins the Tiny Fantasy Patterns. Good clean fun!


Thanks everyone for the captions! We’ll have another contest sometime soon.

7 thoughts on “Tiny Dung Beetle is Both Color and Smell Blind

  1. That’s a great comment! Congrats to Tracy!! I love it! It’s so appropriate too!

  2. Reminds me of the Animal Crossing games; in the wintertime, the dung beetles would roll snowballs around instead of dung. XD Congrats to Tracy!

  3. @Eliana I had completely forgotten about Animal Crossing. I’ll have to dig up my copy and play until I get tired of pulling weeds again!

  4. Eliana – I didn’t remember that about Animal Crossing! There are also cute dung beetles in the recent Zelda games.

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