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The Infestation

When we moved into our Brooklyn apartment a couple years ago, it seemed perfect: quiet, spacious, and close to the park. But no apartment is perfect, and as it turns out, this one has a serious pest problem. I don’t want to gross you out, but I think it’s important to raise awareness about tiny gnome infestations.

First I found them in the kitchen playing with the toaster.


I thought it was a one-time thing, but then I discovered they had gotten into my cereal. Yuck!


When I found them in my desk drawer, I knew this problem wasn’t going away.


In fact, they seem to be making a special effort to do naughty things.


I can’t even wear my favorite shoes anymore.


Now that they’re using our toilet as a swimming pool, I’m thinking it’s time to just move out.


I admit that I may be to blame for our tiny gnome problem—it’s possible that a couple of gnomes that I knitted escaped into the walls and multiplied, but there’s really no way to trace where they came from. The point is that you should get your home checked for tiny gnomes today, before it’s too late.

Tiny Girl Scout

Today’s tiny mochi is wearing green, but she’s no leprechaun!


The Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary this week, and having been one myself, I am proud to celebrate with them!

I have so many great memories from Girl Scouts (with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma), including the two weeks I spent at photography camp and got to use a darkroom for the first (and last) time. I vividly remember giggling in the dark with my fellow photographer scouts as we tried to remember which chemical bath did which thing.

I bet many of you also have favorite Girl Scout memories—I hope you’ll share them in the comments!

Tiny Narwhal

I’ve had unicorns on the brain lately, and that inevitably led to knitting a tiny narwhal this week!


Let’s have a tiny narwhal caption contest! Of course my question has to be be: what does he use that awesome horn for??

Leave your answer in the comments (one per person), and we’ll choose our favorite on Monday to win…

The newest PDF pattern in the Mochimochi Shop: Plinky and Plunky!


Tiny Clown

Winning caption by Tracey:

Tiny clown hopes to replace Ronald McDonald as the new representative for a diet conscious mcworld with the slogan “super downsize me!”.

This tiny clown is running away from the circus!


He’s just escaped a life of seltzer water in the face and getting crammed into a car, but he’s not sure where to go next. What’s an escaped tiny clown to do?

Let us know where he’s running off to in the comments (one per person please), and we’ll choose our favorite on Tuesday to win an adorable alien tape measure from Tomo and Timo!


Thank you to Tomo of Tomo and Timo for contributing the prize again this time!

Tiny Beet

Winning caption by Gwen:
No one wants to talk to tiny beet – he’s such a borscht.

Why a tiny beet? Why not!


Plus, there are endless pun possibilities with “beet,” right? Prove me right with your tiny beet captions in the comments! We’ll pick our favorite on Tuesday to win…

Hugs + Squoze, the perfect Valentine’s Day project for your main squeeze.


Please remember to only leave one caption—we’ve had to disqualify some great entries in the past because of multiples.

Tiny Pirate

Winning caption by Gargoylegrl:

A tiny pirate I may be,
I’m nae much larger than a flea,
but I know me alphabet by far,
especially me ‘aye’s an ‘arrr’s!

Sometimes I feel like I’ve already knitted everything under the sun, and then I think of something super obvious that I haven’t yet made. So last night a knitted tiny pirate came into being!


Get your ARRs at the ready: it’s a tiny pirate caption contest! Let us know what this little guy’s personal pirate-y catchphrase is in the comments (one per person please), and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday.

Because a tiny pirate is on a very fishy diet, the winner will get the Tiny Sushi Bar patterns !


Tiny Fairy

Winning caption by Amanda:
Periwinkle Sparkletoes
Fluttering on by your snoring nose
Hither and thether
Light as a feather
She sneaks a quick kiss on your cheek
And takes off with your teeth!
But don’t worry my good fellow
There’s money under your pillow!


A Tiny Fairy has it rough—most people don’t even believe in her! Maybe we can help boost this little lady’s self-esteem by giving her a caption that describes her unique fairy-ness.

Leave your Tiny Fairy caption in the comments to this post (one per person, please), and on Monday we’ll pick our favorite to win…

an adorable Hello Kitty tape measure from Tomo and Timo!


Thank you to Tomo of Tomo and Timo for contributing the prize again this time!

Tiny Dragon

I had been meaning to knit a tiny dragon for a while now, and it was only after I decided to do it for my last post of 2011 that I realized that 2012 will be the year of the dragon! Very auspicious.


Happy New Year, everyone!