Tiny Pirate

Winning caption by Gargoylegrl:

A tiny pirate I may be,
I’m nae much larger than a flea,
but I know me alphabet by far,
especially me ‘aye’s an ‘arrr’s!

Sometimes I feel like I’ve already knitted everything under the sun, and then I think of something super obvious that I haven’t yet made. So last night a knitted tiny pirate came into being!


Get your ARRs at the ready: it’s a tiny pirate caption contest! Let us know what this little guy’s personal pirate-y catchphrase is in the comments (one per person please), and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday.

Because a tiny pirate is on a very fishy diet, the winner will get the Tiny Sushi Bar patterns !


50 thoughts on “Tiny Pirate

  1. “a tiny pirate I may be,
    Im nae much larger than a flea,
    but I know me alphabet by far,
    especially me ‘aye’s an ‘arrr’s “

  2. I mat be teeny tiny, but I’m big on demands and insults -“Surrender yer yarn, yarr poop deck prancing cast-off!!!”

  3. Yarn-ho, yarn-ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me!
    In my knitted pirate ship on a knitted fleecy sea!
    Stealing all the treasure, me and my tiny knitted crew!
    Don’t cross us or it will be the knitted plank for you!

  4. There once was a pirate knitted,
    Who loved to catch knit things in his net(ed)
    So one day he cast off his net
    Wool sushi he hoped to get
    He had caught a frog insead(ed)

  5. He doesn’t have a sword. What kind of pirate doesn’t have a sword?!?!! (don’t answer that; it’s rhetorical)

  6. There once was a pirate intreped,
    King of the oceans he sail-ed
    His one regret
    That he couldn’t get wet,
    For he will end up felted

  7. my name is captain Polly
    I ruled the Purling sea
    up until one fateful day
    when the cat found me
    I fell beneath a cabinet
    got lost inside your stash
    and now that I am found again
    I’m demanding all your cash

  8. Ahoy up front and avast behind
    me Yaaaaarny heart from loneliness unwind.
    Perhaps yon mermaid will my True Love be
    and sail we together this land of mochimochi!

  9. Tiny pirate has traveled near and far
    He was on a quest for a booty of the finest yarns
    One day he landed in the Isle of Faire
    Where he left his booty all tangeled there

  10. Arrr!!, Im a tiny pirate who lives in a tiny island far away from here,
    where you are invited to dine with me
    different types of fish are in there and everywhere,
    vegetables and bread, if you come with me,
    but I have one wish, I want to try a yummy sushi, funny me!!!?
    Can you help me?

  11. Tiny Peg Leg Pete me’s name
    Stealing booty is me’s game
    If you look away
    Your coins will not stay
    And I will be gone in a glance

  12. There is still something under the sun that you haven’t knitted: a flamingo!

    That’s my favorite animal and I’ve only been able to find one pattern for it and it’s a bit to round.

    Just and idea from a fan. :)

  13. They call me Cap’n Knit Sparrow, and I command me Black Purl ship across the Yaaarrnibean Sea.

  14. avast! you may have defeatten salty beard, but never da president of the spongeybob fan club: Patchy the Pirate

  15. Tiny pirate walks into a bar. (He has a wooden eye) he sees the beauty of a pegleg barmaiden, forgets his motives of getting rum, and asks her if shed like to dance.”would I?!?!” (Pronounced ‘wood eye’) she responds gleefully. Taking offends to whet he thought was a snide remark concerning his lack of eye, he storms out of the bar, spitting “peg leg!>) over his shoulder.

  16. Knitters of the Carribean:
    Curse of the Black Purl
    Dead Man’s Vest
    At Skein’s End
    On Stranger Ties

  17. There once was a miniature pirate,
    Who hated seafood; never tried it.
    He thought it was gross, the sight made him repulsed,
    And the health benefits, he didn’t buy it.

    The the food on ship ran one day ran out;
    The pirate fussed and began to pout.
    Thought it wouldn’t be fun,
    But once dinner was done,
    He found ” Yummy” was all he could shout.

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