Tiny Pirate Sings a Shanty

If there’s anything a Tiny Pirate is passionate about, it’s a tiny sea shanty! Also, a tiny bit too much rum.


A tiny pirate I may be,
I’m nae much larger than a flea,
but I know me alphabet by far,
especially me ‘aye’s an ‘arrr’s!

For that charming shanty, Gargoylegrl wins the Tiny Sushi Bar patterns !


Thank you everyone for your delightful Tiny Pirate captions!

10 thoughts on “Tiny Pirate Sings a Shanty

  1. We have these contests often on Fridays, so I hope you’ll participate in the next one! (Loved your poem, by the way!)

  2. The pirate is so cute! Are you going to publish a pattern, I would love to have one of my own?

  3. Aww… The pirate is so cute! Is the island the teeny egg pattern? By the way loved the song!

  4. Karen – I’m also a little in love with this guy, so a pattern is definitely coming! My to-publish pattern is getting a little long, so I appreciate your patience!

    Stephanie – you can find the Tiny Deserted Island pattern in my book Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi.

  5. I really love that this little guy got his own animated gif!! It’s so cool to think how the tiny thing started out as just a fun challenge and evolved into this awesome weekly segment on your blog!! : )

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