High-Fiber Sushi

Lately I’ve been spotting various knitted sushi popping up on Ravelry and in the Flickr group! Getting to see all the adorable variations is just another reason why I love designing cute little stuff instead of sweaters. (Also, less math!)

I can always count on Hannah of BitterSweet to photograph knitted food in the most delectable way.


Hannah has also been testing patterns for me for several years now, and so her gorgeous photos are like an extra bonus that comes with her pattern feedback.


I’ve gushed about Hannah’s blog before, where her amazing photos are more often than not accompanied by a vegan recipe. Definitely check it out!


A big thank-you to Hannah for the pattern testing, and just as big of thank-yous to Marianne, Marti, and Mary too!

Share your photos of Mochimochi knits in the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group! They will appear on the gallery page, and they will automatically be entered in our next photo contest.

And of course, you can get the Tiny Sushi Bar patterns in the Mochimochi Shop!

7 thoughts on “High-Fiber Sushi

  1. I love the different sushi with their place settings. I have some of the most glorious Japanese dishes that I don’t get to use nearly often enough, so I should buy the pattern just so I can take pictures with my pretty plates and bowls…

    Or, you know, make some yakisoba and maki rolls.

  2. Great post. I was delighted by the Sushi pix – I love them! – they look quite realistic don’t they? I was bought a mochimochi book for Christmas so hope to submit something to your gallery in a few months time (probably a knitted ginger cat!). All the best, MGx

  3. Aww, thank you, Anna! It’s always my pleasure to test-drive your adorable and whimsical patterns.

    I also wanted to mention, although it’s pretty clear from the photos, I slightly modified the edamame by using thinner yarn for the beans. I wanted to fit three in a pod, so I downsized them slightly to squeeze them all in there. Then I thought a little “nori” fabric ribbon really tied the whole ebi nigiri together, so I threw that on as well. Adorable stuff, and my dad (the recipient) loved the set!

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