The Great Gnome-Snowman Battle of VK Live

This past weekend was so much fun! I got to spend three days meeting knitters and sharing my Gnomes vs Snowmen with them at Vogue Knitting Live here in NYC.

I love that the awesome people who organize VK Live set aside a generous space for fiber art. This year they had more artists than ever, and also more visitors than ever to the marketplace, where we were set up to show our work.


Some of my original 45 pieces have been sold since the November show, and I pared down the remaining pieces to 24 so that they would fit two tables put end-to-end. It was a super-easy setup (way better than hand-stitching my past display together all over again), and I loved how simply it all fit together in this configuration.


Initially I wasn’t sure how all the knitters would react to the crazy cartoonish violence going on in the scenes, but the response was really awesome! All ages of people were walking slowly around the tables, laughing and cooing over the snowman stranglings and gnome stabbings. And those who were a little less inclined to love gnome-on-snowman fighting just passed by quickly saying, “oh, a little village, how cute!” So everyone was happy.


The hotel lighting, combined with my cell phone-only photos, did not make for great images of the other artwork in the room, but there was also beautiful work by Rania Hassan, who makes paintings with delicate knitted pieces emerging from them, Julia Ramsey, who designs amazing knitted gowns, and Carol E. S. MacDonald, who creates knitting-themed prints. There was also the knitted ceramic work of Alyssa Ettinger, beautiful t-shirts by Angela Spencer, and an impressive yarnbombing by Suzanne Tidwell.


It was a pleasure sharing the space with these talented people. A big thank-you to Carol and everyone else at VK Live for inviting me to be a part of it again! And more thank-yous to Lion Brand and Knitty City for inviting me to their booths (for a Q&A and a book signing, respectively).

By the way, VK Live is coming to Chicago in October, so those of your in the midwest should seriously consider it! (Who knows, some warring gnomes and snowmen might even make the journey too…)

5 thoughts on “The Great Gnome-Snowman Battle of VK Live

  1. Awesome! It looked like an amazing time. Glad you had a blast! Now if y’all would make the trek out west to potato country (Idaho that is), we could give you a very snowy welcome!

  2. I would have like there to be some close- up pictures of the gnomes and snowmen since I wasn’t there. I really like the piece with the flowers.

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