The Infestation

When we moved into our Brooklyn apartment a couple years ago, it seemed perfect: quiet, spacious, and close to the park. But no apartment is perfect, and as it turns out, this one has a serious pest problem. I don’t want to gross you out, but I think it’s important to raise awareness about tiny gnome infestations.

First I found them in the kitchen playing with the toaster.


I thought it was a one-time thing, but then I discovered they had gotten into my cereal. Yuck!


When I found them in my desk drawer, I knew this problem wasn’t going away.


In fact, they seem to be making a special effort to do naughty things.


I can’t even wear my favorite shoes anymore.


Now that they’re using our toilet as a swimming pool, I’m thinking it’s time to just move out.


I admit that I may be to blame for our tiny gnome problem—it’s possible that a couple of gnomes that I knitted escaped into the walls and multiplied, but there’s really no way to trace where they came from. The point is that you should get your home checked for tiny gnomes today, before it’s too late.

36 thoughts on “The Infestation

  1. This would make such a great April Fool’s Day prank at my house. Maybe tiny bunnies will invade.

  2. lols to the ginger gnome in the cereal and the naked one in the toilet :D so good!!!

  3. I just read this to my almost 7 year old daughter. I am constantly telling my children to watch out for my gnomes and not squish them. I make “Gnome Crossing” signs on the drive before they get off of the bus on nice days. Thanks for helping me prove to my children that gnomes are INDEED real. I think I need that pattern!

  4. I loved Snowmen vs. Yeti, but Gnome Infestation may be your best yet! I picture you laughing hysterically setting up these brilliant shots; I surely did! Thank you!

  5. These are just too adorable Anna. I am dying at the little gnome taking a dip in the toilet and the one munching on your Chex cereal.

  6. I’m a bit disturbed by the # of commenters who “loved” the naked gnome….. heh. This is an adorable post and gives us a glimpse into your incredibly creative mind.

  7. My daughter and I think you must be delightfully bonkers! My husband and son just don’t get it. Thanks for this, it’s Friday, it’s sunny, and now I’m thinking happy gnome thoughts – thank you Anna, your creativity is astounding :)

  8. Not sure if the Gnomes will have any luck? with the fork and wall socket. Personally, I used a bobby pin. Did you really do this as a kid? Perhaps we are more alike than I care to know. Thanks for the memories!

  9. Out of all of your blog posts, ever, I love this one the absolute most! :D Reminds me of ‘My Milk Toof”. Totally adorable in a mischievous way. ; )

  10. This was great! Glad I ran across it this morning! What a great way to start the day! lol… Thanks

  11. I am very concerned that everyone is making light of this. Gnome infestations are serious. The naked one is a bad sign..the next thing you know there could be a gnome population explosion. There is only one thing to do. I know it is harsh, but you must FLUSH!!! (now before it’s too late.)

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