Tiny Clown

Winning caption by Tracey:

Tiny clown hopes to replace Ronald McDonald as the new representative for a diet conscious mcworld with the slogan “super downsize me!”.

This tiny clown is running away from the circus!


He’s just escaped a life of seltzer water in the face and getting crammed into a car, but he’s not sure where to go next. What’s an escaped tiny clown to do?

Let us know where he’s running off to in the comments (one per person please), and we’ll choose our favorite on Tuesday to win an adorable alien tape measure from Tomo and Timo!


Thank you to Tomo of Tomo and Timo for contributing the prize again this time!

44 thoughts on “Tiny Clown

  1. Tiny clown, he has no plans. Of course he’ll be clowning around the town in his little clown pants!

  2. His style may have been outrageous before, but prepare yourself! Tiny clown has a passion for fashion!

  3. tiny clown hopes to replace ronald mcdonald as the new representative for a diet conscious mcworld with the slogan “super downsize me!”.

  4. This Tiny clown is running away
    because life in the circus is all work and no play
    He wants to see the animals at the zoo
    or maybe take a trip to Timbuktu
    But wherever he goes, whether China or France
    He’ll always be stuck with his funny colored pants!

  5. ooops! I missed an important word in my #4 posting… He’s had lots of experience with the larger-sized shoes .

  6. A clown of the minor persuasion
    All dressed for a big top occasion
    More funny by half
    His jokes make you laugh
    For his act is a wee revelation!

  7. He’s off to meet Nellie the Elephant far far away,
    in the silvery light on the road to Mandalay.

  8. Tiny clown is tired of tiny cars filled to overflowing with a dozen other tiny clowns and their appendages poking his tiny red nose.

    He’s off to find a roomier ride with plush leather seats and plenty of space to stretch out his not-so tiny clown toes.

  9. Tiny Clown is running away
    The circus is boring, he could not stay,
    So he tried Journalisim, It wouldn’t stick
    So he tried politics, they were all pricks
    Next he’s trying selling selling cars
    Or maybe a mission to Mars

  10. Tiny clown ran away from the3 circus cos they were always saying he would never fill his fathers shoes. He is going to live on the beach somewhere and walk barefoot in the sand. Just a bit worried about the sea gulls. As long he doesn’t look like a chip he should be OK!

  11. Tiny clown wants to run away
    The circus is so boring day to day
    Because no one goes there anyway
    Perhaps off to a shore or a parade
    To show of his knitted outfit he made!

  12. Tiny Clown’s looking for his Tiny Unicycle to ride away on. (He would take the Tiny Car but the rest of the Tiny Clowns are still using it.)

  13. He’s running away from the circus because he’s really old now and his joints ache when he jumps up and down in the big tent. He’s found a luxury nursing home by the beach in Brighton, England so he’s going to spend his final days there, watching the waves go back and forth and eating fish and chips on Brighton pier. I wish him well!

  14. He’s running off to join the gnomes in mochimochi land, they lead a much more adventurous life!

  15. Tiny clown can work in the birthday business, and work as a party entertainer entertaining tiny toys of all ages. From tiny chefs to tiny mermaids. But wait! There’s more! If you call now you get one tiny party free with your paid tiny order.

  16. Tiny Clown is working on a program called the Clown Humane Society so no clown will have to face the hard circus life alone.

  17. He’s off to join a band of other run-away clowns. They are building a space rocket to get to the moon. Once there, they will have the best space picnic ever and play space cricket, before flying home and going to have fish and chips with Basil the fisherman in Whitby….

  18. tiny clown, he runs around,
    but knows not where to go.
    tiny clown, must not be found,
    must hide his bright pink ‘fro.
    tiny clown, come to my town,
    we’ll frolic in the snow!

  19. Tiny Clown is quite a romantic,
    He acts carefree
    But he’s really frantic
    He had to disagree
    With the circus ladies
    So he left in a panic

    He travelled to the city of love,
    He went to a play,
    And sat in the seats above,
    He loved the music and ballet
    The main actress stole his heart away
    But sadly she was kissed on the last octave

    Next he flew to New York
    His goal was to find
    A girl who liked pork
    But little clown feeling confined
    Left the unsatisfying grind
    With only a fork

    Tiny clown had the blues
    He had not found the one
    He could call his muse
    His little heart was broken
    When he remembered the one he forgotten
    The one he would always choose.

    Onto the plane
    It was the only way
    To get to his circus home again
    It was about midday
    When he ran to his Kay
    And kissed her in the pig pen!

  20. this tiny clown was tired of the same old scene,
    being silly and clumsy when some days he just wanted to be mean,
    in his heart of hearts, he wanted to knit
    so he moved to Alaska bought some alpakas
    and knits sweaters to his fibery hearts content!

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