New Art Website

I thought it was worth a mention here that I have a new website featuring my different art projects, at


This is where you can easily find photos of my installations, in addition to a general look at some of my favorite toy designs.

It also includes some great new photos from my Gnomes vs Snowmen show taken by my sister-in-law Jenna.




See the rest of them here.

I am so grateful for Jenna’s help! She always blows me away with her images. (Check out her amazing new Westminster dog photos, and get a session with her if you’re in the NYC area!)

I’m hoping the website will be a good introduction of my work to people in the arts or media. And I’m also very excited to be newly represented by CWC International for commercial art and licensing. Maybe some fun and interesting projects will come about!

8 thoughts on “New Art Website

  1. Love the website. I was just talking with my boyfriend the other day about how most adults haven’t used their imaginations or “pretended” anything since they were children. And I find that sad really, because I think it allows us a way of seeing something new in the world. But here you are doing it, and it’s refreshing and it’s beautiful.

  2. When do you sleep??? You have so many cool things going at once! But creativity is energizing, right? :)

  3. hey.. ok i was thinking like that you should make a little coffee or a latt’e ! it would turn out adorable beacause all of these are :)

  4. Oh and i was also thinking that you should try making a girl gnome and put the girl gnome and the guy gnome together and it would look ADORABLE!

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