Tiny Girl Scout

Today’s tiny mochi is wearing green, but she’s no leprechaun!


The Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary this week, and having been one myself, I am proud to celebrate with them!

I have so many great memories from Girl Scouts (with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma), including the two weeks I spent at photography camp and got to use a darkroom for the first (and last) time. I vividly remember giggling in the dark with my fellow photographer scouts as we tried to remember which chemical bath did which thing.

I bet many of you also have favorite Girl Scout memories—I hope you’ll share them in the comments!

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  1. *I loved earning badges for my sash, but my best memory was one year we went to GS camp. They let us bring a 45 record (boy did I just age myself!) to do a skit or dance to. My group’s choice was the Bonnie & Clyde song from the 60’s. What the leader probably remembered most about my group was the fact we all brought kazoos and played Taps on them at 3 am…LOL!

  2. I remember going on the big trip to the dude ranch! It’s the only time I’ve ever gotten to ride a horse. Of course, we also scared ourselves silly looking for proof of the ranch’s resident ghost. And, just to date myself, we listened to the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack on the way home. I can’t hear those songs without thinking of Girl Scouts!

  3. I was a Brownie but always aspired to be a Girl Scout. Do you remember the catalogs with the t-shirts “here comes a Brownie (GS)” on front and “there goes a Brownie (GS)” on the back? I always wanted one. We made crafts – I may or may not still have the plastic nativity scene we glued on a rock.

  4. Oh the memories! My best friends girl is a brownie right now :).
    I remember going to the cabins by the lake and we all saw a sasquatch for the first time! Welcome to Brownies (GS) of Wasilla, AK!!!
    Learning to make music with glasses of water, whittling, how NOT to hold your pocket knife, spinning our own yarn (which helped me into knitting now), and cookies, can’t forget the cookies!

  5. My Girl Scout troop loves to knit! Do you have a pattern so I can make them all one? Didn’t see in your store?

  6. I was a girl scout for 10 years, I loved it! One of the memories that stands out is making little crafty items to swap with other girls at the regional camp meet-up party. We would walk around and swap little pom-pom butterflies and googly-eyed anythings to wear on our hats.

  7. I loved singing the brownie smile song. Brownie camp is the only camp I ever got to go to and it was a very special experience. Eating huckleberries, sleeping in cabins, ghost stories, being around so many girls my age ( I am an only child). Now my little girl is a daisy.

  8. My favorite memory(ies) was girl scout camp with my sister, girl scout camp with our troup, and my dad being a leader with my mom and a friend’s mom- the only guy in our area! One time we learned about septic systems and he showed us a toilet and how to unplug it. Haha. It was for some do-it-yourself or fix-it badge. I am really hoping you will make this pattern available…??!! I would love to make it and give it to my parents and other leader!

  9. Thanks Anna! She’s so cute! I have great memories of being your troop leader and all the campouts and trips we took. Happy Girl Scout Birthday to all!

  10. Thank YOU Kathy! You were a wonderful leader, and I can now appreciate how much work that was for you!

  11. You are totally amazing! I listened to you on Fave Craft Radio this week. It was fun to hear some about your process and your love of your little creatures. Thanks for all of you create and share!

  12. This is perfect for girls here in the Blue Ridge Council. My daughter’s troop is learning to knit. I would love to show them how to make themselves in mochimochi.
    Just about all the girls in our family have been a Daisy, Brownie, Jr Girl Scout, Girl Scout, or Troop Leader. From my grandma, to my girls.

  13. I was a counselor at a girl scout camp for a few years. One of my favorite memories was on my birthday, a few other leaders and I snuck out to the horse pasture after dark and rode the horses bareback in the moonlight. Totally naughty, but so much fun!

  14. I’m a cadett, and I thank you for recognizing 100 years of scouts! My troop got a special pin for this year. After 2012 we should take it off, but I’m going to keep it on ’till I’m not a girl scout anymore.

  15. This girl scout can’t sell boxes of cookies, only one at a time. Personally, I’ve had no experience being a girl scout, but good on those who have.

  16. So cute!
    Having grown up with three brothers, I didn’t want to be left out and I joined boy scouts. It was pretty normal for girls with brothers to be with the boys, so at least I wasn’t the only girl!
    I remember learning how to tie knots, build campfires, and find different kinds of trees based on their leaves. No cookies for me though :(

  17. I’m currently in the Australian Girl Scouts, and I recently learnt to sail through it.
    I would love to have a pattern for this

  18. I have recently started a troop and have had such a blast with my Girl Scouts. They have taught me so much and have made me laugh on numerous occasions. Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

  19. I was in girl scouts last year and had lots of fun camping, earning badges, helping out in the community, and going to fun places!! I’m sad that I’m no longer in girl scouts becuase I had to move.

  20. Omfg this is amazing i just can not get over how aodrable these are.. o by the way i made a little bunny and gave it to one of my friends that has cancer and she loved it!! thx anna for making these

  21. i have never been in girl scout cuz my mom
    always said,”bowling or girl scouts,” and i chose bowling

  22. I was made a Girl Scout Leader out of the blue when the one who started retired. It has been a great five years! The girls are all now Sophomores and working on their Gold Awards. I’ve never knitted before but I’ve 2 1/2 years to learn and make these GS mochis for my girls.

  23. i loved earning the badges and my favorite moment was horsebackriding with my friends! :) i also just wanted to let you know that i think it was celebrated last weekend….. but whatever! haha

  24. I was only a Girl Scout for about 4 months in the 3rd grade, but when my daughter was old enough I signed her up. I became very involved and as an adult volunteer I led troops for 13 years. My time with my troop was never wasted and some of my girls are still in contact with me and update me on their lives. My best memories — too many to recount here — involve seeing the girls change over the years as they went from K-12. With each and every girl, I am as proud as I would be if I were her own mother. I say it’s “better late than never” to become a Girl Scout.

  25. Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout. (Oh, and Brownies are Girl Scouts too – Brownie Girl Scouts.)

  26. I lead two Girl Scout troops – one Brownies, one Cadettes – and I often knit them something small for special occasions. I would LOVE to knit one of these for each of my girls so I’m jumping on the bandwagon and hoping you’ll put the pattern up for sale soon.

    Favorite memories include watching my Brownies show their bravery by doing the high elements challenge course at camp last year, and tent camping with the Cadettes in nonstop pouring rain for three days with (almost) no complaints. I love being a leader and watching the girls grow into confident, courageous young women.

  27. Please sell this lovely Girl Scout. Some of us can’t knit and she’s just too precious! A pattern would be nice too.

  28. It’s so great to read all these wonderful Girl Scout memories!

    And thank you for all the nice words about my Tiny Girl Scout. I’d be happy to post a free pattern for her on my blog. It will take a little bit of time to get it together, but I’ll be working on it!

  29. so Sweet.. Is there a pattern we can use or Even purchase. I’d love to make these for Girl Scout Friends or my Girls in my troop for an end of year memory…

  30. So cute! I taught myself to knit a few years ago and would love to make these as gifts for the GS in my life: my mom, grandma, sister, aunt, daughter and her troop. I enjoy leading the troop and have a great time doing GS stuff with them.
    These would be great SWAPS, too! I look forward to the pattern!

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