Sushi Earrings

You’ve probably never asked yourself, “Does this sushi match my eyes?” Mutterpagh in Denmark did just that when she made some fashion-forward earrings out of the Tiny Ebi and Tiny Maki from the Sushi Bar Set!


She made them for a meeting of the Danish Knitters’ Association, for which everyone was challenged to wear knitted jewelry. I have to assume that hers really stood out!


Of course, if these sushi earrings were Tiny Baby Bunny earrings, they would make a great entry in our ongoing contest! But you can still add your photos of any Mochimochi projects to the Flickr group, and they will automatically be entered in our next general photo contest.

4 thoughts on “Sushi Earrings

  1. This is a random thought that has nothing to do with this picture, but, have you ever thought of constructing a tiny tool set? It’d be a hilarious Father’s day tribute!

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