Yeti Sledding

Spring is right around the corner (although it feels like it’s arrived early in so many places this year), and that means that the tiny yetis have to squeeze in all the wintry fun they can in the next few days.

When they’re not playing tag or having dance parties, you can find them on the slopes!


The Tiny Yeti pattern is coming soon in a new fantasy-themed collection—stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “Yeti Sledding

  1. I can’t wait for the new pattern. My little one is all about Yetis and has been to your site a gazillion times to watch them all play.

  2. This is too cool! I love the way the trees watch them all the way down. We had a small sledding hill in our town and it was much more popular than anything else we ever had…ball fields, even the skating rink was not as popular! Give me Rosebud!

  3. The trees are just like:
    Well, this is odd…
    And in Virginia it is 76 degrees, way too warm!

  4. Seeing this really cute animation, I really miss the snow! I miss all the fun we could have in the snow, what I don’t miss is all the trouble we get from the snow though. Great work, i cant wait to see more of the yetis!

  5. I love the yeti animations. My prediction for the fantasy tiny collection is that there will be a tiny unicorn, tiny narwhal, tiny yeti, and something else. New pattern maybe?

    I have a question: last summer you said that in 2012 a new book was coming. Will you post about that soon?

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