Tiny Narwhal

I’ve had unicorns on the brain lately, and that inevitably led to knitting a tiny narwhal this week!


Let’s have a tiny narwhal caption contest! Of course my question has to be be: what does he use that awesome horn for??

Leave your answer in the comments (one per person), and we’ll choose our favorite on Monday to win…

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52 thoughts on “Tiny Narwhal

  1. If you mistake me for a tiny whale
    with my horn I will impale
    and you’ll turn quite pale

  2. Reginald used to have it all. Mansion on a hill, super model wife, three and a half kids, and a six figure salary. Then on one dark and stormy evening, Reginald was cursed by an evil gypsy chihuahua. He was turned into a small fibrous narwhal, and lost everything to his name. He has a deathly fear of water, as he believes he will felt. Now he wanders the streets looking for a pretty lady, half a kid, and six stalks of celery. He has begun performing on the streets, a pitiful profession. He uses his horn to joust, knit, swordfight, hold coats, and be a lady’s jewelry stand. This is, of course, to get closer to his dreams of what he used to have. Sadly, last month he proposed to a beautiful damsel, and she ran away screaming. He spent the last month holed up (literally) in a dirty hovel, knitting half sweaters, gowns, celery cozies, (six of them) and other miscellany. Reginald needs mental help, and a pretty lady. Or a celery patch. And to live in a desert. Please give Reginald a hand if you ever see him, and drop some coins into his hat. He dances in a top hat and monicle!

  3. Gnarly the Narwhal always came first in the undersea fencing tournaments. He owned all the silverware it was possible to win, but all he ever wanted was a congratulatory hug.

  4. I made a wee narwhal for my kids’ advent Mini-stockings last Christmas-yours is cuter :)
    And my kids will tell you that, although it is a little known fact, narwhal horns are without a doubt, the source of all candy canes.

  5. To skewer the bacon of course! Well, “the most broadly accepted theory for the role of the tusk is as a secondary sexual characteristic, similar to the mane of a lion or the tail feathers of a peacock. … and for braking sea ice in their Arctic habitat.” info taken from wikipedia.

  6. I use my horn to rescue penguins,
    Stranded on the ice.
    I break right through
    And lead them home
    To all their penguin wives!

  7. Tiny Narwhal is a founding member of U.N.I.H.O.R.N.:
    Unicorns and Narwhals In Harmonious Opinion Regarding Noggin accessories

  8. I believe that tiny narwhal uses his horn to play the blues because he’s obviously a very soulful little guy!

  9. Nigal narwhale, GSOH, loves kids, enjoys camping and bushwalks, and quiet nights cuddling on the couch. Looking for relationship with she narwhale. Lets knit beautiful jumpers together!

  10. narwhal narwhal swimming in the ocean narwhal narwhal be little free swim narwhal!!!!!!!

  11. Tiny Narwhal used his horn to conduct the tiny undersea orchestra. He keeps them in rythym so the tiny mermaids can dance

  12. Tiny Narwhal wishes the seals would stop using him as part of their Ring Toss game…

  13. I have to point out that Wikipedia is wrong about narwhals. The tusk is actually a tooth. True story. A dentist figured it out. It’s the left front tooth and it’s super sensitive and narwhals can use it to determine water temperature and salinity and it helps them navigate the ocean and find food.

    For the caption contest:
    Tiny narwhal uses his tusk to spear donuts. He’s a little guy with a giant sweet tooth.

  14. Tiny narwhals meet in pairs and attempt to knit seaweed scarves using their horns.

  15. The tiny narwhal uses his horn to grill shish kebabs! Of course, he occasionally gets grill marks on his horn…

  16. knitted narwhal is upset they won’t let him into hogwarts….even though he already has his own wand!!!!

  17. When a Mommy narwhal and a Daddy narwhal love each other very much, they get together and knit a baby narwhal.

  18. Omg finally narwhals are my fav animal!
    narwhals narwhals swimming in the ocean causing a commotion i love narwhals go team narwhals!

  19. Tiny knitted narwhal has a terrible secret – he really wants to learn to crochet, so uses his knitted horn for that purpose, but only when no-one is looking – see, he’s hopeless at it!

  20. Tiny Narwhal rents himself out at Tiny Fish birthday parties as a moving sea-horseshoe target.

  21. Well poor little Narwhal found it impossible to break chocolate orange and so he grew a horn, this way he could spear the chocolate orange and eat the perfect little segments.

  22. That truly awesome horn is used to clutch on to his Narwhala. Now I would think that everyone would know that!!

  23. Tiny Narwhal is waiting for his Narwhal friend to come along so they can use their horns to knit up a mini Narhwhal of their own.

  24. I’ll use my horn to write a whale of a tale!

    P.S. Will this become a pattern? I love it!

  25. Tiny Narwhal is quite the political animal… He uses his horn to hold up his Occupy Tiny Ice Floe sign! (He’s protesting against all the rich penguins in tuxedos…)

  26. Despite his adorable appearance, Tiny Narwhal is, of course, a swashbuckling pirate, the terror of the arctic seas! Don’t cross him. But do take him adventuring.

  27. This narwhal questions whether he’s a
    unicorn or a whale. But, if someone gets
    In his way, he’s got a pretty awesome horn.

  28. Tiny Narwhal usually knits horn warmers for him and his pals, you gotta keep all that awsomeness warm and snug!!

  29. He uses it to protect you from that mean kid in your classroom. Every time anyone says anything evil about you, he jumps up and gives them a little prick with his horn. He also likes to use it to help you scratch those hard to get areas. Or clean that tricky bit in the corner of your glasses.

  30. he uses his beautiful horn to break the ice and make new friends under the sea…

  31. There is a tiny narwhal,
    Who has a tiny horn.
    He’s the underwater version
    Of a unicorn!
    His horn is very useful,
    A knitting needle or a sword.
    Or engraving things on desks,
    When he’s _really_ bored.
    His horn has many uses,
    But no matter what they say,
    His trusty horn will lead him home
    No matter where he strays!

  32. His tiny little horn is used to help save the world the only way he knows how javelin!!! Go narwaq go!!!

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