Cindy Wills Plush

I was recently in Tulsa for the holidays, and a visit home is no longer complete without a trip to Dwelling Spaces, a store in downtown Tulsa that specializes in fun products and art by locals. I’m usually charmed by something there, and this time it was this handmade plush creature.


When I was checking out, I asked about the artist and was told that it was Cindy Wills, the youngest daughter of the western musician Bob Wills. I was also told that this plush was special—the artist had recently passed away of cancer, and so there wouldn’t be any more of its kind.

I Googled Cindy Wells when I got home, and found a blog and a Facebook page, both of which feature her vibrant artwork in a myriad of mediums (from watercolor to hooked wool), and both of which end abruptly—maybe no one had access to these accounts to log in and post a proper farewell to Cindy.

I wish I had known about Cindy earlier. She clearly had a creative and bright spirit that touched many people. It continues to do so.


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