Tiny Narwhals Lend a Horn

On Friday I asked what a tiny narwhal uses his awesome horn for. So many of you gave fantastic answers in the comments that we have FIVE winners this week!


From Mandy: Tiny Narwhal used his horn to conduct the tiny undersea orchestra. He keeps them in rythym so the tiny mermaids can dance.

From Sophia: Tiny Narwhal is quite the political animal… He uses his horn to hold up his Occupy Tiny Ice Floe sign! (He’s protesting against all the rich penguins in tuxedos…)

From Diana: Narly Narwhal loved using his horn every morning to help hold the center of the shoelace bows for his pals the Octopi.

From Emma: Tiny Narwhal rents himself out at Tiny Fish birthday parties as a moving sea-horseshoe target.

and from Lexi: When a Mommy narwhal and a Daddy narwhal love each other very much, they get together and knit a baby narwhal.

These five narwal experts each win the pattern for Plinky and Plunky—way to go! (I’m having some issues with my email program, so please let me know if you’re a winner and you didn’t get the pattern.)

Of course, I have firsthand access to the tiny narwhal himself, and he revealed to me that on weekends tiny narwhals pair up and play Chopsticks on Plinky.

Thank you to everyone for the tiny narwhal captions!

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  1. I want to ask some of the winners if it feels good to win ?? because i have not won yet :) but i will hopfully because i am gonna use the pattern and make it and give it to a friend of mine the has cancer :) It will make her so happy -A

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