New Yarn Store in Brooklyn: Argyle

The other day I finally made it to Argyle, the new yarn store that opened up a few months back on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, just down the block from me.


I don’t know why I waited so long to go—it’s such a lovely store, owned by this lovely couple, Esther and David.


Their passion for knitting is apparent in their great selection of yarn and wide array of tools that knitters need. It’s a great feeling to know that if I need some new needles for a project right now, they’re just a walk away!


The first time I visited, I introduced myself and mentioned my patterns. I’m not the best self-promoter, but Esther and David made it easy with their enthusiasm for my designs! You can now find a bunch of Mochimochi patterns and kits in their store.


If you live in or near Park Slope/ Windsor Terrace, Argyle could be your new favorite LYS! They’re renovating a back room for classes, and they’re also planning to add other craft supplies in the future. I’m exited to see this small business grow along with the neighborhood.

7 thoughts on “New Yarn Store in Brooklyn: Argyle

  1. Maybe I could make it sometime! It looks awesome.

    I see Tiny Sushi Kits and Tiny Unicorn Kits in the last picture–can we buy those?

  2. hi! i have been following yoou for about two months now and i just love your patterns! i was wondering how you find the vender’s list of where you have your pattern kits being sold? i was wondering if they are sold anywhere in sacramento or monterey or anywhere near those two cities in california? i would be in heaven if they were! thanks :)

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