Tiny Butterfly

Update: We had so many great entries that we chose four winners!

Happy March! This is maybe my favorite month transition of the year, because spring is coming. And spring brings lovely things like butterflies!


How about a tiny poetry contest for this little guy? Leave a comment on this post with a tiny poem about this tiny butterfly, and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday. The author of our favorite tiny butterfly poem will win…


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Psst: Extra points will be given for unusual rhymes with the word “butterfly!”

37 thoughts on “Tiny Butterfly

  1. Have you published a pattern for the tiny butterfly? I’d love to knit some while I wait for spring!

  2. I am a little butterfly
    I’m a real smiley guy
    I really like to multi-ply
    When I was a caterpillar, I thought I was super fly
    I knitted a cocoon, grew wings, and said bye-bye!

  3. Petite Lepidoptera, Butterfly.
    Fluttering ‘round in my mind’s eye.
    More magical than the fourth of July.
    Diaphanous wings leave me tongue-tied.
    Upon warm breezes glistered wings glide,
    and awaken memories of summer time.

  4. Teeny Tiny Butterfly
    How I love to watch you fly
    But today you do not flutter by
    Because your wings weren’t made of 2 ply

  5. I opted for a haiku instead of rhyming:

    Tiny Butterfly,
    Good thing you are made of yarn,
    It’s too cold to fly.

  6. She loves the smallest flowers
    To sit and sip nectar for hours
    On breezy days to flutter by.

    She’ll brighten your day
    So stop and say “Hey!”
    To Teeny-Tiny Butterfly!

  7. There once was a butterfly
    Whose name was Mutterguy
    One day he was flying,
    While muttering about the yarn he was plying
    He wasn’t watching where he was going
    And it began snowing… Pink snow!
    And his wings got stained.
    He went home, muttering all the way.

  8. I came up with this haiku on my way to the mailbox today:

    Tiny Butterfly,
    Sweeter than a honey bee,
    Flutters gently by.

  9. Dear Teeny-tiny Butterfly,

    I’m sorry I called you a flutterby.
    I just wanted to say hi.
    Now I know to never insult
    a teeny-tiny Flutterby.

    oops, I did it again…

  10. Migration

    The wings of these, the butterflies,
    wink their scarlet mist and I utter sighs.
    Wisps of membrane, each fold
    a fan, somehow hold
    the fat forms in air.
    I see them there
    bobbing along flower
    to flower, passing each hour
    as though they could live beyond life. Pine
    for what they cannot have: the distant buds, time.
    Each petal falls and then, they swift of wing do fly
    over far-off hills to birth their babes, to die.

  11. there once was a tiny butterfly
    who landed on my eye
    he almost blinded me
    and for a day I couldn’t see
    but despite that the butterfly was a nice guy

  12. my oh my,
    little butterfly.
    once you were in a cocoon,
    now you can fly up to the moon.

  13. I’m the Tiny Butterfly,
    I really like to flutter by!
    Since I’m so small and hard to see,
    Look in the spring very carefully!
    When it comes to flowers, bees, and bugs,
    I’ll always greet spring with a lot of hugs!
    Cats, just please get away from me,
    I’m nature’s beauty, so I just must flee!
    Thanks to all who interviewed me!
    -Tiny Butterfly

  14. This right here is Tiny Butterfly
    She’ll eat any kind of food that comes by!
    Whether it’s a slice of rhubarb pie
    or a bowl of noodles from Shanghai
    even soup which was really fluorescent pink dye!
    Hmmmm… that’s probably most likely why…
    She has such bright pink wings to fly!

  15. Fly away little butterfly,
    you are only just so small,
    Just don’t drink up that Mai Tai,
    or you won’t take off at all!

  16. Floating clumsily on the wind,
    a miniature butterfly.
    Listen to the music,
    of her wingbeats gentle lullaby.

    Resting on the hunnysuckle,
    to stop for a drink.
    And warm her tired wings,
    before the sun should sink.

    She never stays long,
    in case a bird should see.
    The vibrant pattern of her wings,
    for she would have to flee.

    The sun is now a golden coin,
    floating in the sky.
    And my tiny insect,
    has left with no goodbye.

    Night has now fallen,
    and I begin to mourn.
    The sudden dissapearence,
    of my petit papillon.

  17. There once was a little pink butterfly,
    Who liked making scrapbooks on Shutterfly.
    But one day she tripped…
    All her captions were flipped!
    That poor little pink “flutterby”.

  18. I opted for a tiny haiku:

    Tiny Butterfly,
    Hope to see you flutter soon!
    Until then, I knit…

  19. Deep in the dark,
    I’ll wait and wait
    Coated in cocoon
    Left to fate
    When spring comes,
    My beaty will emerge
    Bathing and basking
    In sun, my powers surge
    When spring comes,
    I’m a butterfly
    I will sing full of hush
    The quietest lullaby

  20. I dropped
    my tiny
    knitted butterfly
    In the gutter.

    When he didn’t fly out,
    I said with a pout:
    “It looks like I should
    have known I really would drop him.”

  21. Butterfly, please flutter by
    Once a catepillar, creeping guy,
    Now with wings spread gliding high,
    Fit in my pocket, you sweet little friend,
    Spreading smiles til the end

  22. The movement of your sweet tiny wings, is reminiscent of dappled sunlight.
    Your more fragile than a new born infant, but without hesitation you continue your flight,
    Floating and fluttering through the world, viewing all the beauty there is in sight.
    You’re a beautiful creature, exquisite patterns on your wing.
    I wish I were a butterfly, so I could fly around and see everything.

  23. Spring has sprung today!
    Little Pinky Butterfly
    Spreads his tiny wings.

    When I’m looking out the window at snow on the ground, I tend to think in Haiku. :)

  24. Oh Miss Butterfly,
    I waved to you when you went by,
    But all you did was flutter-fly.

  25. Tiny Butterfly knows the path to beauty isn’t easy,
    when people used to look over and begin to feel queasy.
    For she emerged an awkward larva from out of an egg,
    a common curse for one with too many legs.

    Teased unmercifully by her peers,
    she started on an eating binge that lasted for years.
    Until the day she decided she couldn’t take anymore,
    so she built her pupa and shut the door.

    Beauty sleep she declared was the only cure,
    although a little voice in her head wasn’t really sure.
    With a groan she thought “only time will tell,
    but I hope to emerge as pretty as a bell.”

    Then the day came at last where she could sleep no more,
    so she let out her very last unladylike snore.
    Tearing and tugging she was finally free,
    and after a few fumbling motions flew up into the trees.

    Everyone stopped to stare as she flew by,
    “that is the most beautiful butterfly” they said with a sigh.
    Eager to see what it was they all saw,
    she looked a mirror and discovered no flaw.

    But when she flew off to show the bullies of her youth,
    she discovered a most horrifying truth.
    Though it was true she was beautiful at last,
    the others too were as pretty as in the past.

    For is there anything in the world as pleasing to the eye,
    as a gently floating butterfly?

  26. Oh little butterfly how sweet to see you fly,
    And do not cry if you fall from the sky,
    For miss Anna will open her shutter,
    And help you flutter by,
    Little butterfly.

  27. Betty the Butterfly’s Mantra:

    “I fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee,
    I look forward to Spring bringing a bloomed Pansy!”

  28. if you are plagued with enui,
    i suggest you knit this butterfly.
    it will be quick!
    it will be fun!
    and perfect to give
    away to some one. =)

  29. once upon a time
    there was a tiny butterfly
    with bright pink wings
    which opened in spring
    and tiny butterfly
    fluttered by!

  30. Pink little wings flapping in the sky
    Bumps into a big bird named, Guy

    The rush hour traffic below is so loud
    So little Butterfly introduces herself aloud

    “Hiiiii, i’mmmmm Butttttterflllllyyyyyy!”
    “Butter with fries? I don’t want butter with fries!”

  31. Tiny butterfly says:
    Tiny fairy lent me her wings
    But I am afraid to try these things
    So instead of looking for faraway lands
    I stay in the safety of Anna’s hands

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