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A Super Sweet Butterfull

Alice at Kathryn Ivy just made the cuutest Butterfull!


She modified the pattern by picking up stitches for the legs and using an embroidered chain stitch on the wings. Oh, and she added a sweet little mouth!

Alice mentioned in her post that there’s one part of the pattern that mistakenly mentions felting, though no felting is actually required. Oops! That’s since been corrected—I’m hoping it’s a minor enough point that it doesn’t trip anyone up.


This is one butterfly that I would love to catch in a net and take home!

Snails vs. Slugs: The Wrestling Match


For round two of our competition, the gloves are coming off and it’s pure snail-to-slug combat!

We seem to have a clear winner this time. The snail is absolutely flattening that slug! Looks like he’s down for the count.


Our earthworm referee makes the call.


The ring is made up of one of those cardboard planters you get at a garden center, filled with potting soil. The polls are dandelions.



Next up: the eating contest! But first, I’ll post the free pattern for the snails and slugs here. Soon, I promise!

Some Hatching Chickens

Do you hear that? It’s the first chicks of spring starting to hatch!

Dknits got great results from Which Came First?, though it seems that we still don’t have an answer.

This egg from Kate found itself hatching in the grocery store!

Fortunately, the chick has found a new home. (Let’s just hope he’s not for dinner.)

Is this chick a little confused?


Or maybe she’s just the class clown… from ax174.

If you make any toys from Mochimochi Land patterns, please upload them to the Flickr group for all to see!