Anla’s JellyBean

I recently received a sweet email from a girl named Anla, who has been knitting for four years and is now “almost 12.” That’s an awesomely young knitter!

Anla’s been knitting some Mochimochi Land patterns in her free time, and she recently finished her version of Butterfull, whom she named JellyBean!


This chubby butterfly is sticking to hanging out with trees, so nobody gets hurt that way.

Anla tells me that she used yarn from an old sweater to knit JellyBean’s body, which is a great way to reuse. And instead of using duplicate stitch to embellish JellyBean’s wings, Anla embroidered some sparkly flowers with eyelash yarn. Very creative!

Next, Anla’s going to make some Sausage Dogs. I can’t wait! It’s so cool to hear from such a talented young knitter. Keep it up, Anla!

14 thoughts on “Anla’s JellyBean

  1. Im a 12 year old who has been knitting for 5 1/2 years and i looooove butterful. She’s awesome, Anla!!!!!

  2. Awesome! I am 11 years old and have been knitting since I was 8 or 9. I love the wings! I wish my mom would let me buy the pattern!

  3. It’s great to hear from other young knitters! You guys are awesome.

    You can always try out my free patterns if you’re strapped for cash—just click on the button that says “free patterns” on the right side of my blog. They’re all relatively small toys, so they’re quick to knit and you don’t even need that much yarn.

  4. Thanks! I will have to try one! I have made some other small toys, so I will try one of those.

  5. its julie again! I have made almost all of your free patterns and as soon as my mom will let me, im gona buy one. also, i make toys like your art (ex. sos island and rainbow busters) i made a eucaryotic cell for my science class instead of a clay model, a clock, and a rainbow. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for featuring Anla on your blog. We go to the same school, and we are are BFFS. No. Seriously. I knit too, but I’m a beginner. Like, not even DPNs beginner. Anla is awesome, and I thikk I get a sausage dog once she’s done with them. AWESOME!

  7. It’s Anla again.
    Yes, Domino, you can have one of the sausage dogs.
    I just finished the body today and I’m almost done with the feet.
    The body and feet are so fun to make, and I’m assuming the ears and tail are also fun even though assumption is why I get mad at a certain person so much, I’ll problably have to bring my sleeping bag drawstring bag to hold all the puppies I’m going to give away to a good home.

  8. Hi Julie and Domino!!!! I am a young knitter too. I left a comment already, but I’ll do it again!! Anyway, it’s nice to know there are other knitters my age.

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