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2012 Animation Supercut

My new favorite thing to do last year was make animated GIFs, which turned out to be a fun way to make my tiny mochi friends come alive. I made tons of mini stop-motion animations last year, and I thought it would be neat to put my favorites together in a video, complete with an original score by yours truly. (I also recently taught myself how to use GarageBand, so 2013 might be the year of annoying songs.)

I’m looking forward to continuing the mochi motion madness in 2013!

The First Snowman

Ever wonder how there came to be so many tiny snowmen in Mochimochi Land? Probably not, but today we’re going to find out anyway.

It all began with a couple of bored gnomes.


After the first snowstorm of the year, they thought it would be fun to build a snowman, like the ones they’d seen on TV. They had no idea what they were starting.


They gnomes really should have known better, because of course everything comes to life in Mochimochi Land.

This snowman went on to build 10 snowmen of his own, each of which built 10 more snowmen, and on and on. And that’s why we now have a snowman overpopulation crisis in Mochimochi Land. The end!

By the way, this animated GIF along with seven others of mine are currently being screened at a real-live film festival! It’s the Laterna Magica festival in Marseille, France, put on by Fotokino, December 5th through the 23rd. My animations are being presented (on what I have to assume is a very small screen) at La Crié, the Marseille National Theater. More info here!

Synchronized Clowns

Look who’s back to entertain you!


Once again, the tiny clowns of Mochimochi Land would like to remind you that the world is full of really talented clowns with low self-esteem who could just use a little love. Haters can go stick their head in a lion’s mouth.


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