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Craft Spaces

Yesterday was an exciting day for me! First, my advance copy of Knitting Mochimochi arrived!

This is me hugging it. (Please excuse the messy hair. To be honest, I was too excited to take a shower.)


It’s so surreal to see the real thing, bound and with that new book smell and everything. I reeeally want to share some pictures of the inside. I will as soon as I can!

But that’s not all that happened yesterday. My chaotic workspace also appeared on the CRAFT blog for all the world to see!


Natalie at CRAFT invited me to be interviewed for their “Make Space for Crafting” series. The above photo was actually taken last year, and the feature shows a comparison to what my desk looks like now that I have yarn-obsessed cats in my life. And basically the interview is just me blathering on about cats cats cats. Thank you Natalie!

Incredible Hearts

This little heart, topped with crazy dreadlocks, may be my favorite heart yet!


Lynn made this adorable musician heart for her musical husband for Christmas. You can see her own knitting patterns, yarns, and more at her website, ColorJoy.

OK, I guess I have two favorites— check out this amazing heart-plant by Be:


That would make such a great Valentine’s gift, don’t you think?

Well, think I may finally be all hearted out. A big thank-you to everyone who shared their creations with us!

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!