Knitted Nipsey and Soupy

Now that Christmas is over, I can post my knitted Nipsey and Soupy! They were a gift to my mother-in-law Bonney, finished just a few days before the 25th.


As you can see, Nipsey doesn’t seem to agree that his cat looks like him, but he appreciates the effort and the added touch of a fish.


And Soupy is wondering when this rude intruder will get out of his personal space!

9 thoughts on “Knitted Nipsey and Soupy

  1. And I’M so happy to have them in the collection I have of Anna’s knitted toys. The kitties are my new favorites!

  2. Absolutely adorable. Although that can be said about all your projects, I suppose!

    I received your book as an Xmas present this year. When my husband saw the Confused Moose, he giggled so hard tears came to his eyes. I blame Invader Zim. I’m thinking of making that project first so his office can become “A Room … With A Mooooooose!”

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