Last Day for Photos + Videos


Soupy and Lil Soupy would like to remind you that today (Tuesday, December 1st) is the last day for entries in the 2015 Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest!

If you’re running late, your efforts aren’t in vain—all photos added to our Flickr group after the deadline will be automatically in the running for next year’s contest.

Stay tuned for the initial results here soon!

Soupy Says Goodbye to the Giant Gnomes

Project Giant Gnome
Three Feet Tall
Kinda Done but Not Really
Giant Gnome has a Big New Friend

Just as I’m about to ship the giant gnomes off to Seoul, Soupy finally cozies up to the big guys.


Today I’m going to “deflate” them by removing all the stuffing, so that they’re more compact for international shipping. Then once I arrive in Seoul later in May, hopefully they will be waiting for me to stuff them back up and put them in a show at Everyday Mooonday!

By the way, they now have names! Alfred (in the blue shirt) and Omelet (in the green).

Big thanks to Lion Brand for providing the yarn for this epic knitting project. The full show announcement and info are coming soon!

Tired Turkey

It’s become a tradition for me to post a picture of one of my cats looking vaguely turkey-like on Thanksgiving Day. I think we can all relate to this tuckered-out turkey!


Today I am giving thanks for an awesome husband and two adorable cats, for my larger family and friends, for my assistant Maureen, for art and music and creative encounters, and for getting to do what I love for a job. And anyone who happens to be reading this post, thank YOU for being here and sharing Mochimochi Land with me.

Stay safe this weekend, don’t get into any Black Friday fights, remember to submit your photo contest entries by Monday, and also check back on Monday for the reveal of our 2014 holiday pattern!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

How to Make a Cat Bed in 4 Easy Steps

In this blog post, Soupy shows us how to make a cat bed in 4 easy steps.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Step 4:


Soupy in a Mustache

It’s finally happened: Soupy has given in to the facial hair trend.


I especially love this photo because Soupy’s whiskers are also prominently sticking out, giving him the effect of a double mustache. How dapper!

The anthropomorphic mustache is from the Chicago-based plush company Shawnimals.