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Happy Thanksgiving!


We’ve got a couple of post-turkey cats here!

I’m thankful for my family and my awesome job, and for each of you— thank you for your support, enthusiasm, and friendship!

And especially since the hurricane, I’m thankful to have an undamaged home with electricity and heat. If you haven’t yet, one good way to celebrate today is by giving to the Red Cross or another organization helping those who lost their homes in the storm.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Because of some unexpected travel delays, we’ll be choosing a winner of the Tiny Sushi caption contest tomorrow (so you get more time to enter if you haven’t yet).

Instead, here’s a funny picture of Soupy in mid-yawn while Nipsey sleeps nearby in a weird position!


Soupy Dreams about Sheep


OK, so this photo involved a little posing, but Soupy really cuddled up to that skein of yarn and slept with it for a good hour or so!

This has been a really busy week, and so my sleepy cats are good reminders to take a break. Of course, it’s super-exciting to release a book, and it’s been so great to get happy responses from people on the blog, by email, and via other sites. You guys are the best!

Here’s a slightly less comfy-looking Soupy sleeping shot!


Mini Rubber Cat

Look who got a new little friend!


Since we live in a small apartment, we try to keep our knickknacks to a minimum, except when it comes to vintage rubber cats. We found the bigger one at a flea market in Manhattan several years back, and I just got the mini one from my mother-in-law as an early birthday present. I probably could not have been more excited about an unexpected present. Thank you, Bonney!

Nipsey has a Drawer-venture

The other day I noticed that my desk drawer that I normally keep stuffing in was empty. I had just opened it to refill it when Nipsey decided he had found a new bed!


It didn’t take him long to figure out that this bed wasn’t as comfortable as he had expected, and it was such a tight fit that I had to help him out. But not before documenting his humiliating position!