Nipsey has a Drawer-venture

The other day I noticed that my desk drawer that I normally keep stuffing in was empty. I had just opened it to refill it when Nipsey decided he had found a new bed!


It didn’t take him long to figure out that this bed wasn’t as comfortable as he had expected, and it was such a tight fit that I had to help him out. But not before documenting his humiliating position!

9 thoughts on “Nipsey has a Drawer-venture

  1. I agree with byneedleandthread
    our cat (who is MASSIVE) always tries to jam himself into a shoebox and seems rather annoyed when it splits open from the sides and he’s laying on the floor once again.

  2. Being a cat lover, this photo cracked me up–it’s so cattish. Cats love trying out new places to put their, ahhhh, rear ends. Our pure bred alley cat, Nani, loves curling up on the table next to me when I knit. On the other hand, it may be she just loves it when the lamp is on and it’s warm! :O) But, somehow knitting and cats just seem to go together.

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