Tiny Factory

Winning caption by Bob:
The means of production belongs in the hands of the cuteletariat.


Tiny Factory is always trying to speed up production, but that might be the least of his problems! Leave your caption in the comments, and we’ll choose our favorite on Monday.

The winner this time will get a free PDF pattern for Error, the only (soft) hardware guaranteed not to crash!


34 thoughts on “Tiny Factory

  1. Tiny Factory wants his needles to knit & purl faster before the inevitable eye strain kicks in :-)

  2. Tiny Factory happily puffs away to himself. Manufacturing cuteness is tiring but satisfying work!

  3. Tiny Factory’s production may have been up but the HumanBeans are on strike again! (Something about cramped working quarters…..

  4. tiny knitted factory the most eco friendly way to produce items without hurting the earth

  5. Tiny factory is going to speed up production for a 20-hour 3-day week, leaving more time for relaxing over a 4-day weekend – he’s got used to those over in the UK!

  6. “Hi! I’m a pocket cloud factory. Take me on your picnic and when your ready lay back and watch the clouds I make. What a better way to relax then watching clouds from your very own pocket cloud factory dance across the sky.”

  7. tired of knitting row after row? want an alternative to knit purl, knit, purl? Tiny factory is here to help! for all your knitting needs!

  8. One of the many benifits of using this tiny factory to make your products is this: teeny tiny factory = teeny tiny amount of pollution!!

  9. Tiny Factory: “Alright smoke stacks, we gotta get ourselves in the round or the boss is going to have me in stitches! Knit, purl fellas, knit, purl!”

  10. Cold?… BOOM! Tiny Factory just knitted you a scarf.

    Tired?… CRACK! Tiny Factory tucks a pillow beneath your head.

    Hot?… SNAP! Tiny Factory has created the latest in knitted bikini-wear. Now you can go hit the waves!

    Tiny Factory….with him the options are endless….without him…..well let’s not think about that!

  11. That computer looks like it has great software! And that tiny factory would be my knit best friend.

  12. Fortunately, Tiny Factory doesn’t need to worry about carbon emissions – the unique combination of fiber and stuffing expelled from his chimneys is collected and sent to local hospitals to help Mochis in need.

  13. Imagine the even tinier Human Beans workers that had to be knit to run the Tiny Factory!

  14. The Borrowers, although many years behind the Big People, finally decided to embrace mass production.

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