Soupy Dreams about Sheep


OK, so this photo involved a little posing, but Soupy really cuddled up to that skein of yarn and slept with it for a good hour or so!

This has been a really busy week, and so my sleepy cats are good reminders to take a break. Of course, it’s super-exciting to release a book, and it’s been so great to get happy responses from people on the blog, by email, and via other sites. You guys are the best!

Here’s a slightly less comfy-looking Soupy sleeping shot!


12 thoughts on “Soupy Dreams about Sheep

  1. Hello Mochimochi Land readers. I trust you are enjoying these (unauthorized) fine-art images. Prints of my likeness are available for the price of 100 bags of cat treats. Please send payment to:

    Soupy T. Cat Enterprises
    Brooklyn, U.S.A.

    My associate Nipsey will then be in touch to complete your order. Thank you for your interest in Soupy T. Cat.

  2. Soupy always brings a smile to my face! I miss having my family cat around, as my fiance and I only have our big furry golden retriever. Somehow Taylor just doesn’t have the same sort of “relaxed dominance” over our household as the cat did. I really have to look into adding some feline to my daily activities again :)

  3. I just found 2 kitties outside my boyfriends house and we decided to keep them. One looks just like your Soupy only with more white on this legs and belly. Of course I named him Orange because I didn’t think I was going to be able to keep him…now I’m wishing I’d name him George since he is so curious and always in the way. The other kitty is a Tortie and my bf named him Zeus. I have no idea why…lol

  4. Cats do the funniest things! Now that we’ve added a second cat to our home, I’m discovering that two cats are exponentially funnier than one. :) Soupy looks adorable in the photo, and I love his comment!

  5. I love your cat pictures. Many of our pictures of Saru-chan are massaged (not quite posed) with the addition of treats. Especially the ones with both the cat and the dog in the same shot.

  6. Soupy is so adorable! I live with four cats, the younger two cats would probably take the yarn and play hide and go find with the yarn :)

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