Fresh Air

The warmer weather this week is one reason that the blog has been a little quiet. Yesterday this happened for the first time this year!


Not only are Soupy and Nipsey excited to smell the fresh air, it’s like they’re getting to smell their new Chicago neighborhood for the first time, since it’s been mostly very cold since we moved here. Hooray for spring!

Bonus bathtub shot with Nipsey!


4 thoughts on “Fresh Air

  1. Soupy Sales?! Nipsey Russell?! There’s a blast from the past! Was that Hollywood Squares?
    Not sure that it’s quite warm enough here in Maine for Artie and Frisky to enjoy sniffing the great outdoors.

  2. I love your kitties!!!
    One of my two cats looks just like Nipsey in that bathtub photo ^______^

  3. I am really looking forward to spring, every time it starts to come close it sneaks away again! I saw it’s going to be back in the 60s again this weekend, hopefully it’ll stick around this time!

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