Name That Game

UPDATE: The game has been named! Thanks, everyone!

I thought about keeping this guy under wraps until the pattern is ready, but it’s been such a long journey getting to the final design, I just have to share a preview!


You guys, I am PSYCHED at how he came out. For what it’s worth, this is my favorite mochi yet. (I guess that’s not actually worth very much, since my latest design is always my favorite…but still!)

Quite a lot needs to get done before we will have reached a final pattern, but there’s no reason to drag out the process, so rest assured that I’m on it, and there will be a pattern before long. However, somehow this arcade game mochi is still nameless! Would you like to name him? Leave your suggestions in the comments—if I choose yours, you can expect to get the pattern for free when it’s ready! (No guarantee that I’ll for sure use a name suggested in the comments…but maybe!)

44 thoughts on “Name That Game

  1. i like matt’s suggestion of KD – super cute!

    my suggestion is not as cute: high score.

  2. He looks freaking amazing Anna!! What an incredible job you did, awesome! As for a name, how about Tilt?

  3. aww he turned out so fab!
    “Play Me Again, Sam!” came to mind. he is just so inviting!

  4. Paku-paku? The way I figure it, the name of a game itself wouldn’t suit, but since paku-paku is part of the Japanese origin of Pac Man, and it’s got the alliteration thing going, and it sounds cute….

  5. Good gracious he’s a cutie. I quite like “Tilt,” although it needs to be saved for a pinball machine mochi! My idea was “Quarters.” :) Love him love him. The colors are just perfect.

  6. (to modify my previous idea, perhaps “Play Me Again Sam” without the comma would make more sense–instead of addressing someone called Sam, his/her name is Sam.)

  7. I thought some more about it(and read the other fantastic comments) and I thought about… The Claw. But I saw no claws so probably not the best idea;) You should sell some mochis to put in aracade machines!

  8. I’d name him Buttons, Bloopy or Superstar! (as in the word of Mary Katherine Gallagher! :P)

  9. I love this design!!

    Here are a few names I thought of:
    Free play
    Joy stick

  10. This is so cute! I showed my sister some of the pictures of this to see what kind of names she could come up with, she came up with “Joystick Joyride” or “the Coin Operator”! I hope this helps you with naming it!

  11. I like the previous suggests of Quarters or Buttons.
    I’ll add Doug (in a nod to Dig Dug), Midway, or Penny Arcade.

  12. How fabulous is that?! I see some great name suggestions already, hmmmmmmmmmmm. What about Teddy Tokens?

  13. Yay, thanks for all the cool suggestions, everyone! I’m feeling quite drawn to one or two of them, but more suggestions are welcome too. The official name will be announced when the pattern is released!

  14. “Athan the Arcade”
    Athan is Greek for “eternal life” or “immortal” according to Wikipedia :)
    Although arcades are old and have been replaced by newer technology, they still are popular and aren’t going away anytime soon!

  15. For some reason I just like simple silly names that are onomatopoeia types. The name Zot for some reason came to mind and stuck for me.

  16. 8-Bit Artie! (Whether that’s the pattern name or not, when I knit my own I’m naming him Artie. It just feels right.)

  17. He (or she) is absolutely amazing!! You are a hugely talented knitter and designer, and I’m so excited for the pattern!
    I’m not good with names, but some of my favorites that are listed here are KD, P.E.E.T., Zot, Bleep-Blip, and Tilt. All of the names seem awesome to me!

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