Crocheted Things

WooWork’s Sofa Incident Crochet

Speaking of couches, This blog post by Howie of WooWork the other day had me stunned, both with its poignant story and its beautiful crochet.


If you’re not already following the WooWork blog, you really should be! Howie’s crocheted projects are amazing in themselves, and they always come with a great story.

Fuzzy Fiber Bunnies

This bunny seems very proud of her eggs!


KnottyKnitter40 on Ravelry made Babette the Easter Bunny using needle felting. That’s a technique I’ve never dared to try myself, so I’m impressed. (And I love those little eggs.)

And this bunny is way more fun than a cup of Earl Grey!


Bookette crocheted him from Roman Sock’s pattern for Tea Cup Bunnies.

Any more crafty bunnies out there made from different materials/techniques? Send them to me at info [at] mochimochiland [dot] com!

Moon Buns

It just wouldn’t be right to have Bunny Week without a Moon Bun!


Moons Creations was nice enough to send over a photo of this one dressed up as a lamb. I think we’ll have to call in a mathematician to determine the degree of cuteness going on here. Check out the Moons Creations Etsy shop to see more and get your own!

I also got a sneak peek at one of the Moon Bun muses, Duncan! He likes to watch war movies.


Amigurumi Stop-Motion

CRAFT posted a really cute video of stop-motion animated amigurumi from Japan on their blog yesterday. I checked out the YouTube link and found this other one that I like even more. Something to aspire to, perhaps!

Amazingly Tiny MUFFA

Have you seen the tiny crocheted wonders of MUFFA? I’ve been following her micro-gurumi genuis on Flickr for a while, so it’s about time I admit tiny-thing defeat!

These are some of my recent favorites.

Insanely small and detailed!

You can buy MUFFA’s crocheted miniatures at her Etsy shop.