Amigurumi Stop-Motion

CRAFT posted a really cute video of stop-motion animated amigurumi from Japan on their blog yesterday. I checked out the YouTube link and found this other one that I like even more. Something to aspire to, perhaps!

5 thoughts on “Amigurumi Stop-Motion

  1. ha ha! I just saw the post on craft and came to your blog to let you know about it but you’ve already seen it! :) I also thought that you’d know what they’re singing, I got lost after konichiwa!! But so cute, I also love stop frame animation.

  2. They are singing in japanese and I’m a Japanese!
    Their song’s title and the refrain “Isogaba-maware” is a japanese proverb, which can be translated to “If you hurry, take a long but steady road.”
    It is alike “More haste, less speed.” or “Make haste slowly.”
    They are so cute. The song match with characters well!
    At the last, black rabbit says “Kanpeki!”. This means “Perfect!” :D

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