Hugs + Squoze

Update: Thank you so much to Natalie at the CRAFT blog for again featuring my newest pattern!

As promised, a new love-themed pattern for yourself or your main squeeze!


Hugs has so much love to give! Squoze is just concentrating on breathing.

Techniques for this cuddle-tastic pattern include knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, picking up stitches, I-cord, and a tiny bit of mattress stitch.

Buy the pattern as a PDF download for $5 here!

16 thoughts on “Hugs + Squoze

  1. I LOVE this pattern! I don’t know which one is cuter but it’s perfect for Valentine’s day.

  2. Another classic! this is just so adorable it is going to be a huge hit, congratulations on another masterpiece creation :)

  3. I’ve had your book on my Amazon wishlist since you first blogged about it, and now they finally put up a photo of the cover. Makes me even more excited to get it! Only five more months… waiting. waiting. waiting…

  4. Oh, thanks for letting me know that the cover is up! Actually, the real cover should be just a bit different (one of the projects shown unfortunately didn’t make it into the book because of page number constraints), but that’s more or less what it will look like.

  5. I hate you sometimes.

    I reeeeeally want to make this, but I have no money, but I want it NOW!

    And I want the Baldees, the Pundits, Boo, the reinddeeeeeer…

  6. I got my pattern yesterday and started on it last night during the football game. I am also waiting for your book. My best girlfriend just happened to give a gift cert. for Amazon and that what i intended to use it on! :) Can’t wait.

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