Tiny Dolphin Class at Sifu August 8th

On August 8th I’m returning to Sifu Design Studio in Chicago for a tiny dolphin knitting class!


This is a project class that will be perfect for intermediate knitters who are looking to pick up some new skills in the realm of toys. We’ll cover joining two rounds into one, short rows, and picking up and knitting stitches. Everyone will go home with a tiny dolphin, or at least a good start to one that they can finish at home in an hour or so.

Because this class is happening during the Chicago Yarn Crawl, I’m going to stick around after the class to sign copies of my new book, so even if you can’t make it to the class, I hope to see you afterward!

Get all the details and sign up on the Sifu website.

Project Gnome Diplomacy Update

Update to this update: Diny at Everyday Mooonday sent me these photos of the gnomes on their diplomatic mission—some are being given away with cafe orders, and others are being mailed out to friends of the gallery!



Time for an update on your tiny gnome diplomats!

The show at Seoul’s Everyday Mooonday gallery has now come down. I’m told that there were many visitors for the month that it was up, including plenty of cute kids.


Now the diplomats are ready to go on their official mission! Diny, the director at Everyday Mooonday, tells me that they’ve started giving them away through the gallery’s cafe. Each one comes with a little tag like this:


This one reads, “Hello I’m a gnome. Happy to meet you.”

There are several different requests on the tags, including:

“Please give me to a stranger.”

“Please give me to someone you meet today.”

“Please give me to someone who looks like they’re celebrating something!”

“Please give me to someone you really love.”

“Please give me someone who looks sad.”

“Please give me someone who says hello to you today for the first time!”

So with the help of the people who visit the gallery, your 333 little gnomes will spread smiles all over the city of Seoul—and probably beyond!

You can learn more about how this project got started here. Because of the great participation and the fun we’ve had, I’d love to do another similar project (whether with more gnome diplomats or something else) in the future!

Book Signing June 14th at Windy Knitty in Chicago

Hey Chicagoland friends, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing a book signing at the lovely yarn shop Windy Knitty on Sunday, June 14th!


The book is, of course, Adventures in Mochimochi Land, my new combination storybook and pattern book from Potter Craft. Come see samples from the book in person (displayed in fun diorama fashion), enjoy some refreshments, and bring some yarn and a set of double-pointed needles to make an easy project from the book right on the spot! (Any thickness yarn will do—pick a needle size 2-3 sizes smaller than usual for a tight gauge.)

I’ll be at Windy Knitty from 1 to 4pm on June 14th, so stop by anytime to say hi and check out the book. Hope to see you locals there!

Seoul Box of Fun Giveaway Time

It’s time for one lucky contributor to Project Gnome Diplomacy to win a fabulous box of fun from Seoul!

Here’s what’s in store for the winner.


Highlights include:

— A cute bee + hive magnet set

— A Sticky Monster Lab Smoothy King banana figure

— Weird fox and ogre face peel masks

— Cute tooth-shaped toothbrush holders

— Fun cloth ribbon

— Individually wrapped caramel erasers

— Lotsa stickers and candy!

OK, selection time. I’ve got a big bag of names to draw from, and it’s hard to choose just one…. but… the winner… is…

John, who contributed Lief Gnomenson and his younger brother Sprout! Congratulations, John! I’m emailing you right now for your mailing address.

Big thanks again to all of you who contributed to Project Gnome Diplomacy. As generous gnome makers savvy enough to participate in an online call for gnomes, you are all winners in life. We’ve been talking about the gnomes’ ultimate destiny with Everyday Mooonday (and generating some fun ideas!), and I’ll be sure to share an update on this project as it developes.

Photos from The Gnome Genome Project

Well, the big trip to Seoul happened like a blur last week, and we’ve been back in Chicago for a couple of days already, trying to recover from jet lag. (It’s really hard!)

I can’t express just how amazing our week was. Most of our time was spent setting up the exhibition at Everyday Mooonday. The welcome that they gave the show was just incredible!


This was by far the most complex show that I’ve done, with four rooms to fill with gnomes displayed every which way.





I also set up the Mochimochi Land tabletop display (a bigger version than I’ve done at recent Vogue Knitting LIVEs), which took a good 15 hours or so to arrange and stitch together.


John was a big help throughout—he managed to mount 81 tiny gnomes to the wall in perfect circles!


A few more photos from the show, including pics of your gnome diplomats on display, after the jump!

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