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Free Cross-Stitch Pattern: Stackable Cats

At long last, it’s the pattern for the Stackable Cats in cross-stitch!


Click to download the PDF:

Stackable Cats Cross-Stitch Pattern

This is my first-ever cross-stitch pattern, so I would love any feedback on it from people who are nice enough to try it out.

If you’ve never cross-stitched before, it’s very easy! You can find some basic tips at the Yarntree website.

The finished size of the Stackable Cats cross-stitch is about 9 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall. You’ll need 14-count fabric and 5 colors of thread. (The DMC colors are specified in the pattern.)


Update: Thank you to Whip Up and Natalie at the Craft blog for posting about my cross-stitch!

We Have a Chart!

Look what I finally finished up this weekend: the Stackable Cats cross-stitch chart! It had been nearly done for a long time, and I just had to finish it up and format it into a printable form.


Now it’s just a matter of getting the pdf up on the website as a free download, then I hope some of you will give my first cross-stitch pattern a try!

Charting New Territory

The Stackable Cats cross-stitch chart is coming along!


It seemed that we weren’t going be getting to the part where we learn how to make cross-stitch charts in my Illustrator class anytime soon, so I hunted around Ravelry and found a pretty thorough explanation of one method posted about a year ago by Marnie in the Designers group.

It’s a little tedious, but it definitely works, and maybe it will ultimately give me more control over the design in the end.

Once it’s finished, the chart will be available here! In the meantime, cross-stitchers should check out the fun 8-bit designs on Spritestitch, if it’s not already in your RSS.

Cross-Stitched Tin House

I just yesterday got around to picking up the latest Tin House, in preparation for a trip next week to Oklahoma.

At first I thought the cover looked really blurry, then I realized it was cross-stitched!


I’ll admit that I originally started reading Tin House because of a neat cover. Waiting until the plane ride to see how the fiction, essays, etc. on the inside are.

Stackable Cats Cross-Stitch

It’s finally done!


I hope it’s obvious that the stuff at bottom are two tangled balls of yarn? That’s the only thing I am a little unsure of.

I’ve never designed a cross-stitch pattern before, but I’m planning to create the printable pattern, probably using Illustrator. Any preference between a chart with squares filled in with colors or a chart with symbols in lieu of colors?

Stackable Cats in Stitches

I got started on the cross-stitch version of the Stackable Cats over the weekend! I’m pretty happy with it so far.


All Annie’s had in the way of 14-count cross stitch fabric was light blue and light pink, so I thought I’d give the blue a try. I think I rather like the effect.

I’ll be working on my full design (including more cats, birds, and balls of yarn) next, and if all goes well I plan to publish the pattern when it’s done!