Stackable Cats Cross-Stitch

It’s finally done!


I hope it’s obvious that the stuff at bottom are two tangled balls of yarn? That’s the only thing I am a little unsure of.

I’ve never designed a cross-stitch pattern before, but I’m planning to create the printable pattern, probably using Illustrator. Any preference between a chart with squares filled in with colors or a chart with symbols in lieu of colors?

33 thoughts on “Stackable Cats Cross-Stitch

  1. I Just love this! I like the balls of yarn at the bottom and the fact that the stackable cats closely resemble my cat. Please, please chart this soon!

  2. Love it!! I’ve always preferred symbols to colors but it will be interesting to see what the masses think. I think the tangled yarn is perfect; nice job!!

  3. I always preferred symbols. The colored squares annoy me. Maybe because I usually did at least a few color substitutions and the color distracts. Symbols are much clearer and easier to follow.

  4. Oh, I love it! When you publish the chart, I’ll make it right away!
    I prefer colored squares, always get confused by the symbols.

    …maybe you can make colored squares with symbols inside? :p

  5. I like when there are both colors and symbols. There area couple of software programs specifically for cross stitch that let you print it out just colors, symbols, or both. I like Pc Sticth. The software is kind of pricey but if you plan to do much designing it may be worth it.
    The reason I like both is I have an astigmatism in one eye and symbols alone can be so similar and hard to tell apart.

  6. Love it! And yes, you can definitely tell that that’s tangled yarn at the bottom. :) (The cat that’s on its side *makes* this piece!)

    As for charts, as a long-time cross-stitcher, I vastly prefer the symbols, personally. :)

  7. Adorable! I could tell right away that there were two tangled balls of yarn at the bottom. I personally prefer color coded charts when cross stitching, but symbols are fine as well, as long as they are clear and easy to read (can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to strain my eyes to read what a symbol was).

  8. I prefer symbols as I sometimes substitute colors and that way I’m not influenced by the color. Also, if I am having trouble seeing the symbols I will blow the chart up and make it bigger.

    Anyway, the cats are precious and I think the balls of yarn make it.

  9. That totally looks like yarn! And I love the chart! I would vote for symbols so that it could be just as easily printed on a b/w printer. :) (plus I’ve always preferred symbols on my xstitch charts, even when pre-printed)

  10. The main advantage to making patterns in color is that it is a tiny bit harder for people to copy (for copyright infringement issues). However, a lot of people, like me, make an enlarged copy to mark up while working on a project. For those of us, symbols alone tend to work a bit better.

    And the balls are definitely tangled yarn balls. The kitties are at it again!

  11. Wow, so many comments have made my day!

    It sounds like the general consensus is in favor of symbols instead of colors, so that’s what I’m going to try to do with the chart. The PC Stitch software looks great, but unfortunately it’s for PCs only and I have a Mac. I’ll do some research, and the chart will come when I’ve figured it out!

  12. awesome original work! And the yarn balls definitely look like what they are supposed to be. I really like how they tangle in the middle, that must have taken a lot of patience to draw out!

  13. I just love the stackable cats! I prefer color charts but since my husband cross stitches more than me at this point and he prefers symbols that would be my vote. :-)

  14. ha ha ha! the little one ‘stacked it’, I feel bad laughing at him but I just can’t help myself :) I know you’ve already made up your mind, but I’ll put my vote in for symbols also – I’m most likely to print it out in b&w so colours are no use. and, yes, it’s obvious that there are two balls of yarn at the bottom. Well done! it’s great!

  15. So cute! It came out great and the tangled yarn is totally obvious (to me), as well. I hope to see more of your characters as cross stitch, such a great way to tell more about them.

  16. I love this!!! This might just get me to go back to x-stitching for a bit! :) I prefer symbols to color too, but that’s because I don’t have access to a color printer often. I also find symbols easier to count. :)

  17. Very cute! I think the more commen way is with symbols but I’ve seen a lot with both symbols and colors together. If you are worried about the yarn balls not being recognizable you might try playing with some backstitching (outlining) for more definition. I find that a lot of the time putting the backstitching makes the design “pop” :)

  18. The yarn is totally understandable!

    I like the suggestion of both symbols and colors. I think symbols are necessary because the colors don’t print well on a B&W printer, but colors are just so much more fun!

  19. I love this! I think both symbols and colors would be great, so everybody would get what they want. That’s so cute that the last little kitty fell off! Adorable!!!

  20. very cute!

    the tangled balls of yarn are very clearly tangled balls of yarn… but IF you wanted to define them a little bit more, you could add a little bit of criss-crossy backstitch detail to the actual balls (know what I mean) just using the same thread as for the whiskers

    not completely necessary, but it MIGHT give you that little bit more clarity

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