Brief Notes

Some ideas just won’t leave you alone until you’ve found a way to make them work. I’ve tried making a knitted eighth note before, but didn’t like the results, so recently I tried making a mini sixteenth-note version with sock yarn.


I actually think they’re pretty cute, but the pattern isn’t very much fun, since you have to knit the two notes separately and join them with two I-cords, which are a pain to sew onto both notes. (I also tried picking up the stitches for one side, but that was even less fun than seaming.)

Maybe returning to worsted-weight yarn will help make this a better knit, so I’ll probably give that another try someday. But for now, I want to move on to something else!

8 thoughts on “Brief Notes

  1. I think they’re really cute and if you ever publish a pattern they’d make a great gift for a piano teacher friend of mine. ☺

  2. That is so cute :)What about turning at the top of the note like on the reindeer antlers and that way you only have to attach 2 sides rather than have 4 sides of an icord to attach. Just a thought.

  3. Oh those are adorable. I think you should post it as a pattern (: My boyfriend is really into music–it would kind of be a cute gift (:

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