Pieces of a Cardboard Sky

About a month ago John and I decided that it was a puzzle kind of Sunday, so we trekked out to FAO Schwarz and got the most fun-looking jigsaw puzzle they had to offer. They didn’t have a very wide selection.

The castle ended up giving us hours of entertainment—hours and hours more than we were expecting, and at some point it seemed more like work than entertainment. (The myriad foliage was way harder than the plain blue sky.)

Finally we finished it. We don’t have the wall space for a framed generic-looking puzzle, so our accomplishment sat in the middle of our living room floor for a week or so. Then we had guests coming over, but instead of taking it apart and shelving it, we did the obvious thing and carefully pushed the whole thing up against a wall in our bedroom.

That was weeks ago, and I finally gave it a good stepping on last night by accident.


As cool as this looks, it’s now time to put the puzzle away.

8 thoughts on “Pieces of a Cardboard Sky

  1. When I was little, my siblings and I did a lot of jigsaw. We also had a dining table with a glass top, and the finished jigsaw puzzle lives under the glass and every once in a while, we were allowed to “change scenery” at the dining table.

  2. Is that Neuschwanstein castle on the Rhine? I have a Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle featuring this and it is one of my favourites!! I agree skies are a lot easier to do than foliage!!! I usually take my puzzles apart so I can do them again some time!!

  3. I was going to talk about my Ravensburger puzzle too, Lucy beat me to it! I’m going to have to visit that castle someday, I know all the details!

  4. Lucy, I think maybe we have the same puzzle. That is indeed Neuschwanstein Castle, and it’s a Ravensburger puzzle. The foliage was absolutely brutal.

  5. I must get mine out again!! I believe I may have 2 of them actually, One has more pieces in it than the other – I must go rummage in the garage (no cars there, just stuff!!) John, I totally agree with you on the foliage!! Aryn – I feel I have visited it as well !!

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